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  1. FFB seems very weak now. Perhaps half of what it was, prior to this issue starting with the G923.
  2. At this point - I'm checking this thread multiple times a day, sharing it with my friends, and we're all laughing our collective asses off at all these babies crying. Y'all can keep pushing back the fix past Christmas for all I care - I'm just enjoying the free comedy.
  3. The same people harassing Barry & talking down to the devs are the same people who will rear end you going into a corner, because you passed them cleanly the turn before.
  4. Codemasters needs to include free bottles with this next patch.. for all the babies who can't stop crying. #Boo-Hoo #OuchMyFeelings #SensitiveSquad #BannedFrom/R/Teenagers
  5. mmmmmhhhhhmmmmm. And how many hours gameplay do you have on F1 2021? Just curious.
  6. Y'all acting like this is the CDPR Cyberpunk 2077 forums or something! Surely I'm not the only one laughing at the few insignificant snowballs.. just.. melting.. down.. here in public view? #FreeGiggles 🙂
  7. I've been site seeing the US west coast via ATS. Thinking I'll fire up Automobilista2 today and race some classic F1 cars for a bit.
  8. Thanks to the devs for responding, keeping us updated, and working on a solution to this hiccup! I'm looking forward to it hitting my updates, whenever that happens. I'd rather you take your time & make sure its a proper fix before releasing the patch. Since I'm well adjusted individual - I'll just play one of the other 20+ games I own that work with my G923 wheel, or one of the other 300+ games I own in general, without resorting to a public meltdown on the internet. Appreciate your efforts & Cheers!
  9. I really want to issue 'quotes' and call users out by name here... but instead... You can really tell who the adults and the children are in this thread, based on reading the comments & seeing 'who' is crying the loudest. Point of observation: Your mother buying you a copy of a $60 game for your birthday gives you NO SAY WHATSOEVER in the daily operations of a company worth over a Billion dollars. To be blunt: your opinion doesn't matter and nobody here cares AT ALL how you 'feel' about it. Within a few hours of people noting this error - the devs acknowledged it, then within 1
  10. Hello. I have this same issue on pc, which just started within the past day when the new track update dropped. Hoping its a temporary error, and a fix is coming, as I'd really like to drive the new track. :(
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