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  1. come on Barry. Its Obviusly they never test anything. The game is full of bugs. Launch fix now! And we see the new errors
  2. 196 / 5000 However, with the G-HUB update the G29s added to the problem and @BarryBL mentions that they are "working with our first party partners to find a resolution" and I understand that he refers to Logitech
  3. @BarryBL I need to read you, even if there is no news. Know that you are there with a high priority ticket
  4. VID_46D & PID_C24F identifies G29. For the G923 it is C26E. The same will not work with G923
  5. If G-HUB is uninstalled and configured with microsoft drivers from steam like G923 for PS4. The FFB works partially
  6. I do not see your response more adult than those you criticize. I think that the frustration of many arises because it is something that worked until the update. However, now it only remains to wait. Reading Barry, I can see a problem that they need to solve in conjunction with Logitech
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