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  1. Hello @BarryBL, I cant connect to any multiplayer session. I was unable to connect to any, then I somehow got connected to 2 sessions and then, again, none. At the moment I can't connect to any multiplayer session, I tried the troubleshoots that you linked, did not help. How do I proceed from here? Do I need to delete my saved data?
  2. Fixed it somehow! I dont know how it just returned from nowhere Thank you @BarryBL so much!!!! I apricate your help a lot, and great handling during the last weeks with the situation.
  3. "FIRMWARE VERSION: G923: 138.0.34 Firmware is up to date"
  4. Yes, G923, I can try to delete the Logitech Ghub if that is what you say needed. And reinstall.
  5. Hello @BarryBL, Firstly, thanks for all of your attention and help. Secondly, the FFB is still not working, even after I joined the beta, downloaded it, played it. not even without the "APPLY SETTINGS FROM GAME" on. (not working while it is ON/OFF) Thanks.
  6. Hello, first of all, thank you for answering and working hard on a fix! Second, do you have an estimation on when is the fix is going to be released?
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