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  1. I feel your pain. I don’t see the point of it sometimes. To be honest, I don’t see the point of ANY ai cars In the PVP part. We have career and the events of you want to race ai. All they do is get in the way and often ruin a good race.
  2. Agree. It’s a joke. So many flaws and dumb things in this game. And i know I’m racing a real player as they instantly smash into me from the start and weave all over the place to break the ghosting lock to hit me. Stupid. Or cut the chicane at Monaco to win. Pointless. And I raced 20 races + last night and I’m sure were all bots. Career is boring. I do one qualifying run and won’t open drs to try not to get a good time. I still qualify the top 5 often and on pole. And win easily. And I don’t upgrade my car! Come on. It’s ridicules.
  3. Seriously, it’s time to fix these two big issues. All it does is enable cheating. Auto enable ghosting when within a full second of each other. And fix it so drivers can’t ‘break’ the ghosting lock. I want to race, and not get punted off the track by drivers thinking it’s a crash derby. And how is being at least a second or more in front through the Monaco tunnel, take the chicane, then fall behind due to cheats - like Dan I just raced - blasting through the chicane, fair? It’s a joke. So now the only way to guarantee a win is to be at least 2 seconds at that point or cheat like
  4. Fake don’t normally constantly weave all over the track to smash Into you to take you out. Too many cheats in this game and it’s time codemasters fix it.
  5. Master contract, AlphaTauru. Not upgraded. 20 races and 16 wins.. 18 podiums. Only reason I didn’t get 17 wins is because I let Lando Norris get his ‘first win’ at the last race of the season. There’s got to be a way to make it harder right? I was hoping the rookie season cars, or the bottoms running teams were a little slower. I know it’s weird but sometimes I,Ike to challenge myself and like to fight to get into the top 15 in a race. Getting a point finishing 10th feels like a win in a lesser team. But it’s impossible to almost not finish in the top 10 in those bottom teams.
  6. I’m still not convinced it’s human players. I’ve raced against several with the same name but different cars. I usually know it’s a human player as they instantly try and knock you out. And will the complete lap around. within a second of another car and it should go into ghost mode and that will stop those cheats. Or accidental crashes which happen. The corner cut seem worse in some places. You can take more but it feels like you get less of a penalty. The infamous first chicane after the tunnel in Monaco is a haven for cheats blasting through from behind, then receiving a quick penalty
  7. You won’t need expert mode in the Merc or RB to win races. My Alpha Romea with no updates is enough. Haha. if like to see the AI a little stronger perhaps or their skill levels adjusted. love the new engine damage. And also stops you ramming everyone out of the way. Try that and you’re at 100% engine wear and have the speed of a F3. Lol. I love it. Means more clean overtakes required.
  8. Finally career mode. And 3 lap races instead of 1. So much better. Looks like they reduced the graphics a little for smoother gameplay. Works. In car view is a little harder, lower in the seat. More realistic. Except at Silverstone. The Esses and THAT glare! Impossible to see. It’s all guess work for me. I can’t even see the green racing line aid. Reduce it a little and it will be ok. Career mode is great. But after trying a few different teams, perhaps it’s too easy? In a standard Haas, I’m a top 5 car. Too easy. I won in a Williams beating Hamilton. Perhaps if you compete well
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