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  1. A detailed description of the issue - if you get rear ended under safety car you receive a 5 second penalty Report Code - N/A Platform? - STEAM PC Game-mode? - Online Multiplayer [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? ALL [ONLINE] Were you the host? N/A [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. - Staying on racing line and not braking into corners. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can
  2. I have installed the patch and happy to say FFB is working so thank you @BarryBL. Anyone who used the workaround don't forget to change the wheel name back to G923 in registry editor. I do have one issue in multiplayer races where the game will freeze with me on the spot and the race will go on by with me frozen until it corrects itself :o Prior to this my game would crash completely in those moments but I underclocked and that seems to stop it from crashing all together. Could it be something with my system and are there any steps I can take to stop or at least reduce the sever
  3. Hi, please don’t delete this comment (yeah yeah I get it, it’s 2021 and you aren’t even allowed to defend yourself against antagonists anymore 🤧) I was just wondering what you guys are doing about the crashes and freezes that countless people are experiencing with the game? Or do I need to start another thread for that 🤷‍♂️😅😂
  4. Alright Barry you are now telling us this will be pushing on three weeks. Imagine I sold you a car but the car broke down pretty much every day and you would have to access its computer and fix it. THEN it breaks down for 3 weeks and the car manufacturer just ignores you for days when you want to know what’s happening with your car. To make things worse they will not even give you a hire car when they finally do decide to fix it and actually try to suppress you when you speak publicly about the **** service of the manufacturer. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes sometimes Barry. Ac
  5. I’ve been playing for about half an hour and twice I’ve encountered a new bug where you get stuck on the TV pod camera while in the pits instead of your cockpit cam. This makes it so you cannot access the computer. One time I was able to access the computer so I selected “drive out” and the car drove itself around one lap and back into the pits with me riding as spectator 😂😂 After a third time of me loading in and trying again the game crashed.. Now I have to do the wheel fix again 🤧 How do we have NEW BUGS after an update??? Ohh mannn
  6. I did the method exactly how he says but rebooted after changing the RedEdit name to G920, I didn’t get that pop up either and it is working for me currently. I enabled the new control scheme and then back once I had connected the wheel maybe try that.. Make sure you had unplugged and re plug-in wheel when it says and always untick and reapply “apply settings from game” once in F1 2021. It is a good temporary fix, much appreciated. It’s more than what codemasters have offered at this stage 🤷‍♂️
  7. @Psychofedex I would strongly suggest not going for a refund as it is an amazing game when you get past all the bugs. I’m thinking to buy a different wheel as they don’t seem to have as many issues, although I did see a forum with Thrustmaster players having issues too.. I do understand your frustration though as the first weekend of buying this game was spent for me trying to find work-arounds for all the issues. It would really be nice if they at least told us what was going on as it is really dragging on at this point.. and it is far from the first issue we have had with it
  8. GiftedGai is the kind of bloke who would remind the teacher for homework when she had forgotten at the end of the day.. the funniest part of that is even the teacher didn’t like that kid coz they are just irritating little rats.. lighten up and learn how to take a joke bud, and hell yeah I will ram that brown nose straight off the track and ruin my own race if I see you out there. That’s if we ever get this fix.. 🤷‍♂️😂😂
  9. Last known contact with Barry. I really do hope he is just being a dirty dog and is actually ok. A bit concerned now as I’ve never had a game developer be so utterly useless with a simple bug fix.. if you are alive Barry we would love to have our ETA or just our game back to a playable state. Prayers for Barry.
  10. Haha yes I enjoyed the enhancements 😂😂 thank you for the laugh.. I needed it now that I feel like one of Barry’s neglected children
  11. All Giftedgai has done is come here and abuse other people that for some strange reason he keeps calling children. Does he usually abuse children? He sounds a bit sick and twisted to be honest
  12. Missing Person: Have you seen Barry? Last seen: a few days ago “managing expectations” in a codemasters forum. Hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Action: If you see or hear from him please contact half of F1 2021’s player base as they would like to know when they can use the product that they have fairly and lawfully paid for.
  13. The right thing to do would be to roll back to the previous update so we can use a product we have paid for. Codemasters taking this long to get even an ETA out to us is just careless and they have shown that they don't really care about their loyal customers. Very dissapointed, I will still tell people what an amazing game it is, because that is just a fact, but I will also let them know how careless their development team is. They need to spend a week with the sales team just to see how important their clientele is to the business, as obviously they do not have a scope of this
  14. Scriptures I forgot to mention, make sure the padlocks are unlocked in each bit of hardware. Locking them before setting the profiles will make it so you cannot untick “apply settings from game.” If you cannot get it to work feel free to add me on steam and I can walk you through it some time. Cheers
  15. Scriptures I have a fix for this issue. You need to create a persistent profile for each piece of hardware in GHUB with the F1 game as the application. You do this at the top of each bit of hardware AFTER adding F1 2021 as an application. You then go to the gear up the top right in the main menu of GHUB and apply from the dropdown “set persistent profile” and set F1 2021 as your profile. After doing this you should be able to; once you start up F1, minimise to GHUB, untick “apply settings from game” and simply reapply. I do this once after booting the game and it was working prior to this upda
  16. Wait, I’ve been on this post offering people possible crash fixes and just saying that I’m not happy with a game that I paid for NOT working, yet all you have done is come here and swear at me, and somehow in your minuscule brain I am the one that doesn’t have anything other to do than insult people? I actually am a programmer haha, admittedly this stuff is out of my league but that’s why I’m not the one getting paid good money to get it right.. Your rock is getting cold boy, time to go back.
  17. Hahah some guy just gave a 12 minute speech something about how he is a virgin and everyone is a child here.. creep.. anyway we have every right to complain. We sit there putting in the hours, sharing the game out on the internet and to our friends, buying the liveries and overpriced DLC packs.. Without us the game makes $0. So yes we have every right to be annoyed when they update it into a broken state. Is nothing tested before release at Codemasters? Are they too busy to fix it for their loyal customers that make them millions? Over 2 days and we still can’t play a game we love and support
  18. Crushf1 I have posted a fix for this in steam discussions. Titled “possible crash fix for F1 2021” I have a similar system running a 1080ti so should work for you.
  19. It seems some people support the game having bugs on an update release, how foolish.. how about getting it right before releasing the update? Make excuses all you want but it’s clear Codemasters have dropped the ball on this one.
  20. Have had issues with my G923 since day dot with this game. Did have it semi-fixed by minimising the game and unticking “apply setting from game” and reapplying before races, but now since this update force feedback is gone completely. What an absolute clown show down at codemasters. Sort it out or don’t charge people good money for a game until it actually works, this is so damn frustrating it’s 2021. Never had issues with games like this even in the 90s-2000s, how embarrassing for Codemasters.
  21. Have had issues with my G923 since day dot with this game. Did have it semi-fixed by minimising the game and unticking “apply setting from game” and reapplying, but now force feedback is gone completely. What an absolute clown shown down at codemasters. Sort it out or don’t charge people good money for a game until it actually works
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