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  1. Hey everyone out there with a CSL DD (5nm version), I was hoping to get a little help from you all. I have a fanatec CSL DD base with a McLaren GT3 v2 wheel and I cannot find a satisfactory FFB setting to my liking. I've tried Fanatec's recommended tuning settings for F1 2021 and a few others that are quite similar. Firstly, everything works fine. Although stuck in compatiblity mode, the FFB and wheel is working correctly. The FFB rotational strength going around corners and turning the wheel is not my problem. I like my current responsiveness, spring strength, and resistance t
  2. The current G923 firmware version is 139.1.49. Make sure to open up settings inside GHUB, and with your G923 plugged into your PC, update GHUB and this will update your wheels firmware.
  3. Hey guys at least we have another update AND we have an end in sight. Obviously, it's not the timeline we were hoping for considering this problem emerged about 10 days ago. At least we know they have indeed developed a fix for our problems, and it will eventually be sorted in time. Trying to find the bright side in a unfortunate problem which customers have done nothing wrong.
  4. @S.F.27forever I dont think you understood my post? While playing my MyTeam career mode, which is a mode inside the F1 2021 game, not real life. In my career mode during practice sessions, I have personally seen the AI start fast laps directly coming out of the pit lane. They will exit the pit, and immediately start driving at full speed for multiple laps, until they enter back into the pits. It's a problem in the practice sessions in career mode as well. To be honest, I'm not sure why I would make up a story like that and lie about it? I watch real F1 regularly yes, I don't quite underst
  5. hey @Mrlggy01 make sure to use the template for reporting an issue and fill out the questions so the staff on here can get as much info and try to help you the best they can. A detailed description of the issue. Report Code Platform? Game-mode? [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. [ONLINE] Were you the host? [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list ev
  6. In that twitter video you posted, you were able to approach the normal f1 drivers? I didn't see the 'approach' button on the bottom when you were highlighted on a normal driver.
  7. Hey guys, what game mode are you experiencing these AI problems in quali? Also are you on PC, xbox, playstation? Does this problem occur only while playing with friends? Or can you jump into a random GP race, start short quali, and simulate this AI behavior? In my MyTeam career mode, I use short quali mode as well. I have to say, I have not gotten this problem in Qualifying. In my experience, the AI drive at a reasonable speed during their out lap, and in-lap. As they will move over if I am on a hot lap. However, during my practice sessions in Career mode, I HAVE experienced the AI
  8. @Berci1511 I have the Xbox version of the G923 and I got it to work. Followed all the steps of the video. When I first opened the game, I didn’t get a popup message about a new device though. I went into controls and just quickly disabled and reenabled my custom control sceme for the g923. Also in GHUB the option for “apply settings from game” I actually unticked that option and disabled it. Idk I think people have to play around with it. Had to re-plug wheel usb while in f1 game too
  9. Do you have to uninstall GHUB, redo regedit, re install ghub etc etc each and every time you open or want to play F1? What if you’re already playing f1 and alt+tab out and back in, will FFB go away or stay? Thanks guys
  10. @loafabreadly I was following these steps correctly. Once I changed regedit, I launched F1 2021 (with ghub uninstalled) and at the main menu it never told me theres no preset control scheme. I never got that pop-up. I guess it just defaulted to my keyboard as the controller. And you cant delete the keyboard as a device ingame. Can you help? Thanks
  11. @Mystery45 Disable steam overlay. Also a few things to try.... - Make sure graphics driver is up to date - Try dx11 instead of dx12. Maybe see if your microsoft C++ visual needs to be updated. - You can try to disable your anti-virus or add f1 game to anti-virus/firewall - Also, play around with your in-game video settings. Limit your FPS, lower your ingame graphic settings. Upload a DXDiag log and your hardware settings in a new forum thread and someone can see exactly why your game is crashing. I hope any of this helps!
  12. I totally understand your frustration, everyone’s frustration on here. We’ve all spent $60 for the game, and anywhere between $300-400 for the G923. There’s some pinned threads on the support sub about thrustmasters FFB slowly dying during races. Logitech makes the most popular wheels according to Amazon so it’s a shame that our FFB is not working because of a game update. Although I’ve only played F1 games from 2019-2021, I have been generally satisfied with Codemasters F1 game. They do have some of the best AI compared to other sim games and from what I’ve seen most people agree. If you thin
  13. Hey @Psychofedex if you would like to try for a refund I don’t think Barry can assist you. I would suggest emailing Codemasters customer support, or steam, depending where you bought the F1 game. Hope this helps you
  14. @crushf1 I have uninstalled GHUB > restarted PC > gone into hardware settings > made sure generic logitech usb device and xbox peripheials are up-to-date > restarted PC. And the wheel isn't registering in the game. F1 wont even pick it up as a device. Windows says my drivers are already up to date, couldnt find any new drivers other than the current 2020 drivers that are already installed. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Under the printers and hardware tab in control center, Windows see's the wheel as a logitech g923 racing wheel but its under a 'unspecified device' tab.
  15. Hey guys, I made this poster for everyone so we can get the word out about this tragic situation. Lets Bring BarryBL back home!
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