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  1. @BarryBLits working for me and other friends too, so thank you for the hotfix, we really appreciate you pushing the team to fix this asap. I apologize for our behavior but I think you understand that by paying such a high price on this game, all gamers had really big expectations and had a lot of disappointments along the way. Hope the game just gets better so as u guys note this for the upcoming title in order to prevent current/old bugs from happening in the future. Cheers
  2. Hi @BarryBL Once you get an update from the team, could you suggest a hotfix to be deployed? Codemasters should be able to deploy a patch like CS does with minor fixes or in this case critical ones. Is there a ticket system to report issues to Codemasters besides this forum? The lack of formality and professionalism just doesn't match the price of your product (sorry but feels that way) There should be another way to raise these issue's priority from the customer side, a more direct way to reach the team like many other game devs have (even Milestone Games which is for sure half
  3. Gotcha, i'll try in an isolated VM and comeback as soon as possible
  4. @BiancaBeanhave you already tested that workaround? Btw the wanted board made my day, so thank you!
  5. Hi @BarryBL Any news or workaround we could do until the patch is released? Is this an F1 issue or Logitech issue? Can we have some insight on what's going on? Thanks in advance
  6. IDGF about you bro, with all respect. I want an ETA as a customer of the game, we at least deserve to know when they'll fix this critical mess. And I don't want to play another game ;) I paid a lot to play this one, given the increase of the price the quality should be better, not worst…
  7. @OzzyGamer275Go mind your own business dude, what's wrong with asking an ETA? It's been hours with no updates, and it's a critical issue..
  8. Hi @BarryBL, good evening to you. Is there an ETA already? Lot of players affected, and it's been already more than 24hs. Please suggest a hotfix for this to be updated today, as it is critical for many players worldwide. Thanks
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