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  1. Hey guys thanks for the huge help but I think there is no hope in fixing this so. I will be refunding it. Cheers
  2. just a EGO dumper everything is stable. I have a seasonic gm650 with 650w. And my temps running f1 is
  3. I just finished reseating, reinstalling m gpu drivers and still crashes
  4. Should i try reseating my gpu? I havent got any problems running other recent gpu stressful games so far.
  5. i am also running it in beta, and changed the settings as well, still... Nothing.
  6. In my dump files, is there anything flagging the game? like what is causing it to crash. If this continues to go on, i have no other choice but to refund the game 😞
  7. I tried with and without the 2nd monitor and its still acting up 😞
  8. I stated that i am only using windows defender
  9. files were valid, optimized as well still nothing 😞
  10. I double checked everything, im running 1D, used the family driver, removed any RGB application. I'm only using windows defender. Still ego dump
  11. i will be trying this troubleshooting tomorrow, i uninstalled the game out of rage yesterday. Waiting to finish installing now.
  12. 824817-20211129-133543-0.zip@UP100 here you go thanks for the help.
  13. @steviejay69 i included files needed, posted a week ago no response
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