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  1. Fix it, sorry for the extra post. Can delete
  2. I haven't yet, not super stoked to use third party driver installation. nervous to risk malware.
  3. What is the ffb like in game? back to normal or just slightly better than a dead wheel?
  4. Of course not! "this urgent message brought to you by all g920 and g923 players" Thats you my friend!
  5. No not stolen, just enhanced! Glad you enjoyed the poster.
  6. I think demanding a refund for something that folks have over 60 hours into is a bit much. However if some folks have just bought the game to find its unplayable, that's a reasonable refund request. As for making fun and light of a situation, i don't see that as being a baby, more a way to come together as a group of affected players. Regardless of what is said or done here, it has zero effect on the speed at which we get our fix. I agree with having patience in this situation as a whole, but do think some more recent updates on what's happening would help some of us know where we
  7. Of course! I cant drive, so i might as well use illustrator šŸ¤£
  8. Its not that they wont give us an ETA when they finally find a fix. as it stands right now they cant, so they dont. How much more would you cry and moan if they said 24 hours, and the hotfix didnt come exactly at 24 hours. you would be on here screaming at them. It is a process, let them figure it out.
  9. Adding my hat to this pot, after a frustrating 3 days of thinking it was my fault. We at least i know 100% of my racing sim equipment and software is up to date, now just waiting on the Codie Hotfix... How unlucky we all happen to own the one single wheel that this is an issue for.
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