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  1. RD GRID > Sounds , handling and those sun rays love em 😍 GRID Autosport > Graphics 😍 GRID (2019) > Trees 🤣
  2. CrazySerbianGuy

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    Does this count as a good picture?
  3. CrazySerbianGuy

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Imagine next DLC, multiplayer option 🙂
  4. CrazySerbianGuy

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Isn't racing against AI same as singleplayer mode? Or you mean , playing with close friends and adding AI without allowing strangers to join? Anyway, i just started playing TOCA3 once again and i really think developers must sit down and play few laps in that game to get a feeling of handling in game... 🙂
  5. CrazySerbianGuy

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Lack of real players ? 💡 I know right, i am smart... 😂
  6. CrazySerbianGuy

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    I am curious, does someone still play RD GRID on PC today? If do , contact me 🙂
  7. Imagine RD GRID servers still works on PC, would be nice to see comparisons in player base 🙂 btw, i am using few mods to increase the look of RD GRID and remove that yellowish color
  8. CrazySerbianGuy

    There is so much missing ....

    The price probably 🙂
  9. CrazySerbianGuy

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    Maybe this is the reason we love some GRID games and some not. The list of real life racing tracks in GRID games so far. I love the track choices in first GRID game and i like the number of tracks in GAS. Track list in new game isn't interesting at all 🙂 Race Driver GRID (2008): Circuito del Jarama Nürburgring GP Donington Park Istanbul Park Le Mans Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps GRID2 (2013): Red bull ring Yas marina Indianapolis Autódromo do Algarve Brands hatch GRID AUTOSPORT (2014): Autódromo do Algarve Circuit of the Americas Mount Panorama Brands Hatch Hockenheimring Indianapolis Istanbul Park Circuito Del Jarama Circuit Mont Tremblant Red Bull Ring Sepang International Circuit Spa-Francorchamps Yas Marina Circuit GRID (2019): Indianapolis Sepang International Circuit Silverstone Circuit Sydney Motorsport Park Zhejiang Circuit
  10. CrazySerbianGuy


    Ooh boy, played today old good RD GRID, with gamepad and wheel.I started career once again and It is a great fun.It is still great game and worth playing. I must say the AI was great in this game.They can race against each other and you, they can crash into each other, they can spin in corners, they can crash into the fences, their tires can blow and they can flip, they can get engine problems and slow down... Races are fun and unpredictable.
  11. CrazySerbianGuy


    Remastered GRID game with better graphic engine and HD textures, that would be a savior of Codemasters. I like all the suggestions Flash, except penalty system for track cutters.I think there doesnt need to be any penalty for those who like to cut the track.There wasnt any penalty back in old GRID and we all had a lot of fun with those who liked to cheat on track.Off track was bumpy , slippery and you had to have a lot of skills to survive those obstacles and safely get back on the track.People were crashing, flying over bumps, sliding on grass, but also some of them mastered the driving off track.It was so nice to fight against those guys and beat them in the end using real skills on asphalt 🙂 Just remember SPA track and few corners where we all compete for higher jump and safe landing 😄
  12. CrazySerbianGuy

    A Hope for GRID series

    I think in the past , game developers called it DEMO... 🙂 but it was free ...
  13. CrazySerbianGuy

    A Hope for GRID series

    Please Codemasters, read me, as old fan of GRID (original) game, New GRID (2019) isnt good and its not what you advertised it will be.Its rushed cash grab product full of glitches, bugs, and looks like its kinda boring.With every new game u made in GRID series, u make new mistakes and refuse to listen to fans.Please start to or this whole franchise will die. There might be hope for GRID games, just listen to your fans, ill write this again, as many others did before this game came out: Use original GRID game as a base, Update graphics to newer engine, Update textures to HD maybe, DO NOT REMOVE ANY CONTENT (chat,spectate mode, multiplayer, lan, game modes...), NO DLC-s or payed content, maybe some free ones, Open multiplayer servers, Advertise it as real remastered game. I am sure you will get TONS of players and new (old) buyers and that will save the name of this great franchise...I am sure it wont take long to make a remaster of an existing game. You did the similar thing after GRID2 when you made AUTOSPORT just 1 year after. Do not consider this as hate thread and do not consider me as hater, because i am not.I own a tons of your games and i still buy a lot of them like F1. All good .
  14. CrazySerbianGuy

    Not enough real life tracks in the new game

    DLC 🙂
  15. CrazySerbianGuy

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Hey @CM, I have an old Pentium III PC somewhere in the basement, any chance for a support for my old machine? 🙂