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  1. 3 hours ago, Miatakias_GR said:

    I have it but nothing to  compare when it comes to demo derby of Grid series (mainly of Grid 1) I mean Wreckfest has great content and damage engine but handling physics is somethign that keeps me away.. No bad at all game but..


    1 hour ago, lastbreath said:

    Handling keeps you away? As for me it's almost perfect ))


  2. 5 hours ago, _BorisTheFrog_ said:

    A point that also brings up a random question. Is it possible to create a playlist in a private lobby to (example) race a set number of user selected circuits as a points scoring championship? We wanted to include Paris within a street series but the host said he couldn't do it.

    I guess this is where your positive feelings will end 😂

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  3. Nice car list here!

    But i have one question, hows Red Bull Ring new to GRID ?

    GRID 2:

    • Red Bull Ring track was in base game
    • Paris city track was in base game

    GRID Autosport:

    • Red Bull Ring track was in base game
    • Paris city track was in base game

    GRID 2019:

    • Red Bull Ring track DLC
    • Paris city track DLC

    Why didnt you included those tracks in game from the start?

    Its not hated comment, its good to have more tracks to play on!

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  4. 9 hours ago, Ak1504 said:

    Don´t know why this got posted in the Tech. Assistance area but good news:



    Multiplayer session list and now this, good news endeed.But, why it has to be like this, we community to force developers to add things that had to be in game as basics... They lost a lot of fans because of missing features... Speachless...

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  5. 10 hours ago, LaurenXIV said:

     I'm not a huge player of racing games, but Grid is my third game from the series after I received the first one for free on PC (though I play Grid on PS4) 🙂

    1st - Yeah, this is the problem with GRID this days, it attract your kind of players instead of true racing fans and old fans of franchise (please do not get offended, it wasn't my intention to offend you but to emphasize what kind of player base they are building). It is ok to play racing games from time to time and get fun !

    2nd - Welcome on forums 🙂

  6. On 11/21/2019 at 3:53 PM, ELITE-Team-Solo said:

    Free play is in the game already and i dont think they should work on a chat rn bud more race content to keap us entertaint

    That might be idea for next game ... I am playing that mod on assetto corsa and its great fun, plus 30+ players on track by default 🙂

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  7. Another idea @ChrisGrovesMCM

    Track: Nordschleife

    Game Mode : Online Free ride (no laps) , car roulette (everyone can choose what ever car they want)

    Cars on the track: more the better, lets say 20+

    It's not about laps and competition , but about community and fun !

    I will be totally fine if they made it even as DLC 🙂

    All that plus working chat in game, dream come true ... 🙂


    If someone doesn't know what "car roulette" is, you can search for it on youtube, there are many videos about it, it's a GREAT fun.

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  8. They need to be honest with players who spent so much money on this game.
    At this state, we can do this, this and this..... and we cant do this, this and this....

    All they answer is , ill pass info to the team and we will see.


    Make a pinned thread with info what you can do to save the game and what is team working on for now. Change things and add new info every day so people can begin to trust you once again.
    For now, all you do is to attract hate more and more and loose player base!!

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  9. 2 hours ago, samuraiassassin said:


    I have a question: can anyone tell if there will be more tracks and circuits added? I am disappointed with the poor number tracks in this game. Where are SPA Francorchamps? Le Mans Circuit? Suzuka? Nordschleife? And so many other memorable classics circuits? 


    Please someone answer

    To partially answer your question , all we know so far is they will release additional tracks as free DLC packages.

    EDIT > Probably tracks from post above 🙂

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