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  1. I will end this here and will not speak about you in this thread anymore after. About me and my negativity> I am part of this community since 2014. I am not a troll, i am i proud owner of 10 Codemasters games so far, and i speak my words in this forums because i care about games they produce. I care and i hate what they have became, they keep ignoring what people ask for and keep asking for more money and act greedy. I want to talk how i want and its my freedom to do so, i want Codemasters to be the best team in racing industry once again. I loved all titles in the past, i do not like t
  2. Are those photos and videos? Aren't you a biggest fan of a GRID 2019 game? 🙂
  3. Isn't racing against AI same as singleplayer mode? Or you mean , playing with close friends and adding AI without allowing strangers to join? Anyway, i just started playing TOCA3 once again and i really think developers must sit down and play few laps in that game to get a feeling of handling in game... 🙂
  4. Lack of real players ? 💡 I know right, i am smart... 😂
  5. 83% of people voted for chat system , isn't that enough for u CM guys ?
  6. 3 things u must have in racing game to be popular as first GRID was,!! CM , add those 3 things in next game, u'll have a huge success , and for once, Listen to your fans.Who cares about DLC-s they only split the community in half, change your politics in next racing game and u will see ...
  7. hahha that cockpit looks way more detailed than GAS cockpit :dizzy_face:  and even dashboard works !!
  8. To me at least, game started to lag on same settings i used before last patch.Anyone else have this problem?  Playing on PC
  9. After it started to happening in every single game i had, game running in windowed mode or black borders around picture with lower frame rates, i needed to look more seriously into the problem.So i do a research about this on internet and to be honest its a very common issue.But the solution is simple. Just open your graphic settings and go to resolution panel, also, open windows screen resolution menu.In windows, change one refresh rate settings and click apply, than change in graphic settings to same refresh rate and click apply.Continue the process with all refresh rate settings , both in w
  10. once again we pay for something we had in previous game from the start..... :(
  11. i am not sure about tuning setup, i am not that good at this, but i found that u can get a lot more pts if u use manual gears and drift with 3rd gear only..than using automatic gearbox 
  12. A new member accepted : JOSHANDO77  Thank u and see u on track!
  13. Yes, extra content we all want , but to charge me for something i had in previous game that was included in game from start and now i need to pay for it as recycled content called dlc, i can not understand that. Give me extra content, but something fresh and new, that will add something more and make me play it longer, thats a dlc, not this.Thats a lesson for me to never buy a season pass again!
  14. i pre-ordered game and bought season pass, and all i get is same content from GRID2 as dlc-s? lol what a shame...
  15. yeah i always play in custom cups with impact ratings and damage on and i am stuck on yellow color no matter how clean i drive :(
  16. I have this problem for a long time now, i am locked on yellow and i cant change it.I tried with custom cups and playlists and it just dont want to change.Also, my game always starts in windowed mode and i need to deal with refresh settings in options to bring it back to full screen (alt+enter not working). And the newest bug is, i cant see standings in racenet challenge in game, it says i am not connected to racentet lol I have tried to verify game integrity , it always finds one file is missing and download around 14mb i think , but it change nothing..
  17. I don’t… I certainly won’t be following links in spammy posts like this. If it is against the rules, they can delete thread, sry for that.I found it funny :)
  18. at this ------------> http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3356/club-formula-champs-need-you#latest :smiley:
  19. Hello all good drivers out there. I. as a principal of a club "Formula Champs" , want to recruit some of the best drivers who seek for a team who's mainly oriented in open wheel racing.Club have 3 racers so far and we are currently  at 139. place in the world , weekly position 104.As i said before, i am looking for good open wheel racers, to race for the team, some will became club managers because i need some help there.I think its a unique team out there because i want it to be only formula drivers club, so if u are interested u can visit our club headquarters and ask to join a clu
  20. I have a respect for them, but with this bug and this situation , people will always think i am cheater, because game is broken.They will always kick me out from their sessions from now on, i am sure, because of something i have not done..I was so angry i needed to write this thread here to apologize to those people, if they are part of this forum and read it..
  21. I fired up Open Wheel playlist, there was about to start a race .Discipline: Super LightweightCar: Caparo T1 (i used loaned car coz i dont own it yet)Track: Istanbul - Intermediate CircuitRace mode : Time attack , 3 laps It was all good 2 laps, i had a strong 2nd place and i was only 1.4 sec behind 1st driver, i was planing to set fastest time on last lap (to get to know car handling better).At the middle of 2nd lap, it was shown to me that have - 1min and something better time than it was in first lap, i said OMG and than black screen, and i jumped 100m before finish line at 3rd lap.I couldnt
  22. after u won a championship with some of those not good teams, u can always come back to same championship and ull see that u have invitation from better teams.If u want to play it all over again , i am sure i wont :)
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