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  1. So, i have a lot of good time playing this game so far, but there are some things that need to be solved ASAP coz people leaving game :( BUGS :  Impact Ratings Colors : after last update colors seems to be locked and wont change no matter how u drive (for me its locked on yellow)Freeze after race : after u finish custom cup race, sometimes game wont continue to main menu screen where u can get your money and XP, u just loose all that and need to leave roomAI : happens too often , AI drivers wont start race Windowed Mode : i have this bug and its super annoying, ev
  2. I always exit game from in-game quit button and always in full screen... :( About ALT+ENTER, i cant use it when game starts in windowed mode, i cant even use mouse to move window.I wait for game to get into menu and than i try again but nothing happens..I always need to go to game options, change refresh rate to something and than game go to full screen.
  3. i am also playing on my TV and i have also AMD graphic card Codies, fix for this bug?
  4. This is the first and only game i have this bug on :( Well, the next thing i am waiting is save corrupt bug...
  5. Every time i start game it starts in widowed mode.In options its set to full screen, 1920x1080, refresh rate to 60.Not even ALT+ENTER working. So, every time i start game i need to go to settings , change refresh rate to something else , than exit settings and it brings me back to full screen and when it ask me to save changes, no matter what option i choose, to save or discard, it stays in full screen until i restart game, than game starts in windowed mode again.I have tried to Verify Integrity of game cache, it doesnt help...  Need a fix for that, its annoying :(
  6. I play a lot  (for now only) open wheel races, and i usually play in good sessions! If u play on PC u can add me , we will have fun :)
  7. after half hour, hes lobby is till shown :D
  8. Happens to me all the time, trying to connect some Custom lobby and i get error message that i can not join it.Than another one and another one, than i found something interesting : Than after few more times trying to find some lobby i want to join, i saw something even more interesting : My steam friend Miatakias_GR has been host of a custom game.On first picture he is online on steam but not into game, somehow, hes custom game is shown in my search playlist with only him inside.15 min later, hes still online on steam and again not into the game, but now i see 2 players in lobby.Both time
  9. Must agree with u, looks same as Grid2 handling..... :( As I said before, I will wait to see some gameplays and thoughts from gamers, before even think of buying it.... :(
  10. naah, no news. I can't understand why is so difficult to add chat option into game. What's so funny, Rust game, even its 500mb game to download (1 gig when its installed) , have so simple chat but so great to use it. I meet so many players there, using chat we became steam friends, we invite each other every day an sometimes we just talk in game.Good thing is that u can actually talk with unknown people and say what u think, u can say u are sorry , u can warn them , u talk about game....With steam chat u can only do this with your friends.Game have voice chat also we use it sometimes when t
  11. Is there going to be advanced wheel settings for any controller like in RDGRID or only for supported ones like in GRID2 ??
  12. Voting in this thread says enough, what do team say about it @Loore ??
  13. I voted for "Will use occasionally" because in races i will use cokpit camera , but i drift a lot, and there i use camera that shows my entire car :) Anyway, for me, it depends how good the handling will be, if its like in grid1 and better i will use cokpit camera for sure in all races with my wheel, if handling is like grid2 than gamepad and other camera ...
  14. Yes!!! I would like to have a pitstop on endurance races.They have mentioned that in endurance there is tire wear thing, so if u create a long endurance race, they said it goes up to 40min , there must be a pitstop option to change tires or repair cars.On normal races i dont see the need for pitstops.
  15.      YES      YES So far, all the people entered this discussion and voting, voted for CHAT to be implemented back in to the game!!!That's 100% RED alert for Codies :) Come on guys , is it really hard to bring that back into the game??Is it that hard to make?  :x
  16. @ml66ok hi man, it was a long time !! I remember some good races in GRID 1 with u!! 
  17. yes text chat GRID1 style! best part of a game while u wait to start a race and after...
  18. I think we really need the chat option in new game, because , i remember old days and good talking with a lot of friends and "enemies" ! That was a nice time, we use to spend a lot of time just talking, have fun and finding new friends.I know a lot of people want this option implemented into new game.lets see how many.... Do u want the chat option in game?
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