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  1. This is what u need to change before race, u have a few livery slots, for u its set on default "editable" , but than u can change it before u select car.I have 3 slots for this particular car and there are 2 dlc slots and 1 is editable slot :
  2. This is time trial online event (Time Attack???), u see it on right - up corner.U have : 04/05 : current lap Lap : your current lap time,Target : best time so far in game set by someone (u need to be faster than that time to win race),Best : your best lap time.nickname with speaker on : some people who have turned their mic always ON and in best case u will hear their game sound, other than that, usually u hear background in their home , music (i found people really dont have taste of music) and some constant talking with no sense (one time, we was listening one guy talking religious thi
  3. Time Trial event....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_trial
  4. I understand.But please, do not rush with this game, make it good!!
  5. The problem with demos are that they take resource away from the main game and essentially require us to create a new build, that's time the team could be using to finish the main game, add features that would other be dropped from the game to make a demo and so forth. Again though, getting people playing the game is one of my top priorities, we'll see what we can do on that front. How about Early access game??? Give it to "few" beta testers of a random choice, include 2-3 tracks and few cars to play with.I am sure people can help to shape game better and find if there are some problems t
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC8jFfM6FfA&feature=em-uploademail[/video] I LIKE IT, DO YOU?? 
  7. I believe cars are in this files, but have no idea how to open them :)
  8. I dont have that folder, and i have all 77 cars in game.In installation folder i have only 51 folders (cars) , i cant find EVO X :(
  9. Ok i found the way to do it and found programs that i need.I just need to know where to find DLC cars, for example EVO X ??
  10. I am trying to find some tutorials online but i have no luck so far.
  11. Hello, Can someone explain to me how to make a custom skin and import it in game?I am going to this for the first time in my life and i am a noob for that, i have no clue what programs do i need and how to do it.I do know how to work in photoshop , not perfect but i know enough, but other than that i have no idea how to start.How to open files and unpack them (I guess thats the way) and than when i finnish paint to move them back into the game.If someone know some tutorial , video or just text, i would be grateful. Cheers. 
  12. Good point about DLC-s.i need to say i have them all and i like all of them, BUT, i can not play them.There are some people who have some of dlc packs and we can play , BUT , again, I feel like we are divided from the rest of community.I know it because, when i create a session i wait a million years for someone to join me, when i send invite to some people i like to play with, they can not join me.If someone promote me as host , people start to leave the session, not because they wont play with me, but because of my DLC-s, they dont have them and game force them to quit. For example, i like t
  13. You should mention thats only for PS3 users!! Well, than dont count on me :) I am PC user...gl and have fun ! 
  14. So am I right in thinking you want lots of set-up options?  ? NO no no setup options. Equal racing online. Right OK sorry got ya, do you not think some people might want to be able to tweak the handling to suit their racing style would be a good thing though?  What do the rest of you think about being able to set up your car? One thing - no setup options!That was the beauty of original game!!
  15. What i want to see in next GRID game (if u guys decide to make it): Keep the handling from original GRID game - no driftingSeparate game to classes - Muscle, Exotic, Touring, Open wheel, GT2 , GT1, Prototype....and dont mix themDont give us ability to upgrade cars - give us few specific cars for specific game mode, with similar power so bumper to bumper can be possible and back againTracks - give us more real tracks Better support for the wheel users and cockpit view Bring back the online Driver Leaderboards like we had in original GRID game and make Driver lvl goes more than 99 :D T
  16. hi there,I am from Serbia and i drink Rakija :D
  17. Hi and thanks for bringing forums back online.I just want to say that i like the new forums!
  18. I found that it is possible to play with DLC cars in playlist, I played yesterday.U need to have some DLC-s (I have all of them) and u need to create a playlist, not to join some.Than u and all others who have dlcs , can use them in playlist.Now , creating the playlist is a luck...As i mentioned in old forums, they need to patch game with new playlist for DLC cars and problem is solved.Cheers!
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