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  1. I'm on xbox series x, and doing f2 with 100% race lengths, full practice, qualifying & feature/sprint. (Don't know if it matters I'm racing on 100ai difficulty and for hiteck) Its been every track ive got to now don't matter where I qualified I'll start from 21st or 22nd (haven't tried f2 in grand prix mode) Thanks 🙂
  2. So I started a new career, qualified p1 at Bahrain, started feature race in p22. This is really annoying I don't play any other modes and don't want to jump to F1 without doing the F2 season. It's really making me not want to play to game anymore, which is a shame as i really enjoy formula 1
  3. Hi, has anyone played the career mode f2 season since update 1.14? Has this issues been fixed in the update? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if this bug is fixed yet (or at least being looked at) as I've experienced the issue in the next two race's after monaco also, and I don't really want to continue the career mode with this bug still causing problems, might just start a new career and just streight to f1 as this big isn't present in the f1 seasons as far as I'm aware, it's a shame because I do really enjoy the f2 races
  5. I'm on drivers career mode, and chose to do the full F2 season before F1. I'm on monaco and I qualified in P10, but when the feature race started I was starting from p21 which is strange, I then carried on with the race and managed to finish in p8 (which should then make me start p1 in sprint race) but then I've ended up starting that race in p20 which is very annoying. Report code is XHBS-RMVP-XSXE-GHJG Platform - xbox series x Game-mode - drivers career How do you make the problem happen? Not sure, so far it's only happened at monaco. I
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