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  1. I understand your concerns, but your cases seem oddly specific. After all the crapfest with 1.13, I personally played and tested the beta branch for 1.14, and it was working flawlessly, alongside the new patch for me. You should diagnose it further to see what's the issue
  2. I mean, hey, Overclocking can kill your CPU, but they still put the option up
  3. Did you maybe consider that the 150 might've killed your wheel's motor? Is your feedback working in other games currently?
  4. I can happily report FFB works as intended, and there's no more crashing when alt tabbing, switching input from wheel to keyboard (to type for example) and when opening Steam Overlay. Thanks and GJ!
  5. Not necessarily. A full on testing requires manpower on all platforms, on all game-modes, on all tracks, on all cars, on all weather types, with several different settings to car setups. Small issues can appear very easily, in certain scenarios.
  6. Early next week? Wat? So 2 weeks, and most likely more, of not playing the game? WTH And what's the compensation plan, for all this waiting? I bought the Podium Pass, and it's already wasted 2 weeks unused, since I can't play the product I purchased in working order.
  7. Yea, exactly, imagine what ****** people we are demanding a working product, for the money we pay. How even dare we? Imagine if we payed 10$ now, and 10$ after 2-3 months, and so on, until we fully pay the game. After all, that's how we get the content, piece by piece. Why do we have to pay full amount straight up, but they can't give a working game straight up? Even so, they break it later, so I might take back a part of my money, since they took back some of its functionality.
  8. Right, why would they care, since they already took our money? And they know that stupid sheep will buy the next game aswell.
  9. Yes, give a hotfix, to revert to 1.12, but lose online functionality, until it's fixed. IDGAF about Jeddah.
  10. Just give us a fkin option to rollback that BS update, so that we can actually play. I didn't pay 400$ for a wheel and 70$ for the game to sit and wait for an issue you, as a company, created.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts and info, but this ain't my first rodeo, I can fix my stuff. The problem is that I'm really fed up to debug and fix **** that they can't. Also, I'm using the Steam Overlay, as with other overlays, and I'm not gonna disable it. I'm tired of the old excuse "disable overlays yadda yadda" - no, fix your fkin game, I don't have to change my stuff so your thing can work.
  12. Welp, thanks for trying, althought, as someone mentioned, it's useless in the current state of the game. I have a 3/5 chance to crash whenever I open a new in-game menu, whenever I change tabs, whenever I alt-tab, whenever I open steam overlay, whenever I try to import a vehicle setup, etc. Removed all my overclocks, and did verify the files, and this **** still constantly crashing. Now add the FFB missing on top, and you get a fun experience for a whole 70$ (yes, i bought the deluxe edition).
  13. EA is a publisher only, in the case of F1, not a developer. Publishers come only with demands, not help. That's why developers get screwed from all sides. It's a publishers fault.
  14. Just to be clear, I fully agree with you, but I want to make a correction in your statement. Developers do their jobs to create. QC/QA tests the created stuff. They can either report a bug on the issue or not. If a bug is reported, closers, in discussion with stakeholders, can choose to WAIVE and postpone the fix. In the end, what I want to say is you don't need to **** on developers, as they don't have much fault. It's 99% stakeholders or lack of QC/QA testing, but I'm calling it a BS stakeholder waiver.
  15. While nobody is here to harass the staff, you need to understand a point very clearly. Once you pay for a product, you expect it to be IN WORKING ORDER. There are no excuses for this kind of stuff, as there are no excuses for harassing people. But, at the end of the day, you have to understand that the feelings of anger, from the people that bought the product, while sometimes extreme, come from a justified feeling of being ripped off by a developer/publisher (and an industry, considering that this kind of BS keeps going on for everyone). No matter what, when you pay for a
  16. 2000 years later and this still ain't working. If they don't extend the Podium Pass, by the amount of time lost on this fix, I will be very angry.
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