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  1. so i tried to help 2 others who have the Xbox version of the g923 and it didnt work for them. i have the ps4/ps5 version and it works idk why
  2. i didnt, so im just gonna keep my game open, or do this 5 minute thing everytime i start the game.. it really doesnt take long and it works at least for me
  3. GUYS I FOUND A FIX ON STEAM COMMUNITY DISCUSSION CHANNEL! BIG THANKS TO Shiyzu ❤️ i love that guy he fixed everything!! FFB WORKS, i find it even stronger than before, only kerbs feel lighter(but i have my kerb strenght at 10) but you need to try this!!!! "Cannot say which of the following steps led to get it in order, but here's what I did: 1- Uninstalled GHub via Control Panel -> Uninstall a program. 2- Changed REGEDIT name from "...G923..." to "...G920..." Do not change anything else, just from these 4 letters and numbers : G923 - > G920 3- Disconnected and Reconnected Whee
  4. yeah, im desperate, but not automatically install 3 programs on my pc without permission desperate, so a hard pass, gonna wait for the codies to do their magic, they are working their asses off right now for sure
  5. i did that with my eyes closed i just cant wait anymore, its been 5 days almost..
  6. It doesnt appear to be working, i mean with no drivers the wheel always has resistance, but no information from the game sent into the wheel motors...
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