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  1. @Dem0nviper @MattyMaticasYT the temporary patch is to uninstall the game, download the trial version from the store, put in the disc and enjoy the full game.
  2. @KielSowder @JtGaming08 what worked for me and others was to: -uninstall the game. -Go on the Microsoft store and install the F1 2021 trial version. -once you put the disc in you will be able to use the full game.
  3. Great I do have x/s at the bottom left. Also in the file info it does recognize as the console as XboxGen9… while until yesterday it was always showing Xbox one with the version installed from disc. if I don’t insert the disc it loads the trial only, which makes sense. If I insert the disc and then launch the game I see the full version. @ChrisWharton101 which version of the game you get installed with the trial? Also, I did uninstall f1 2021 before installing the trial version
  4. @M477Lew15 I will build a statue in your honor 😂😂😂 I tried the same and works for me as well: downloaded the trial version from the store which installs the version of the game and I can play. in the Xbox setting->all games and apps it still says that the game it’s the trial version even though I have the disc inserted. It would be cool if we can now unlock the trial version and get the full game. Not sure if the trial version has some feature missing or would expire over time BTW, Is there a way to check if we are running the upscale Xbox x version or the one
  5. Hi @dogmangunny which workaround did you find? Did you had the same issue we had and worked? I tried few of the one I could find online but didn’t work and mainly just suggested to turn off completely the consoles from the system menu. which one did you find? I’d be eager to start using f1 2021 again!
  6. Hey @ChrisWharton101 could you check which game version you have installed on the Xbox one? Is this the first time you are installing the game? I was able to use it few months back on the Xbox one 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  7. I probably have the game still installed in the old Xbox one that is now back in the box. I can hook it up again and check which version is that and if that still works. Would this help?
  8. @M477Lew15 good idea posting the game version @BarryBL I have the same version as M47Lew15 installed on internal HDD. All the other options as you suggested as well Although probably the version is the same since is the base one that come with the disc? Since we can’t download any upgrade
  9. Hi @BarryBL, yes I can run disc on the series X, other games run ok. When I installed F1 offline after clearing the cache, I was able to start the game, but many pop ups in the game complain about not being online. Once I go online it fails to download the game and at that point can’t start it offline anymore either.
  10. Hi BarryBL, I have the disc version (labeled Xbox Series X/Xbox One). I can only install the game IF I set my xbox offline. Once online it gives the download error right away. So I can't download anything. I would imagine that with the disc, comes the non upscaled version that runs also on the Xbox one. If I try to install the disc with my xbox ONLINE, then the install fails right away (since it tries to fetch the upgrade right away). Yes, I did buy the F12021 disc and started using on my Xbox One and it run fine until a while ago (haven't tried since, but given that some u
  11. BarryBL we are providing also info over here: we tried both downloading manually (nothing to download), clearing cache, restoring Xbox to default, uninstall game and reinstall it, delete profile and re-load it… contacted Xbox support and they say it’s not an issue on their side. No solution so far. Please advise what to try next.
  12. Hi, just as an update. I contacted Xbox support and did troubleshooting with them for a while. However they found no issues on their side and suggested to get in contact with EA as this seems to be related to downloading upgrade through their servers. EA website says to contact Codemaster… so here I am again. Please advise. Thanks
  13. I tried the power cycle, and didn't work. I unistalled the game, then: Tried installing the game with xbox online, got message "There's an upgrade [...] 85.9GB [...]" clicked upgrade, the installation start and then stop a couple of times before aborting. Went offline. Installed from disk and tried to launch it, got error "Go online to finish installing it. (0x87e00018)" Went online to finish installing the game, got error "You need this update, but we can't get it right now. Try again in a while (0x8b050033) The disk is labeled Xbox Series X - Xbox One, it shou
  14. Thanks for the link. I have tried, but there is no additional add-on that I can manually install. it only shoes the game as Installed
  15. - When trying to start the game, a popup shows: "Update needed: you need this update, but we can't get it right now. Try again in a while (0x8b050033)" - I tried a complete reinstall of the game, if I am online, the game won't install altogether because of the error with getting the update. When I set the Xbox series X as offline and I can install the game from disc but if I try to start it, I go back to the first point. - Platform Xbox series X - Note that I was able to use the game without any issue on the Xbox One
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