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  1. No Surprise it hasnt been fixed after 5 months, ive given up on these clowns... I can bet one thing if there was an inability to buy pit coins they'd soon fix that but as for the real issues they dont give a rats arse they have our 60 pounds and to hell with our issues!!!
  2. This is a reply to morrisey's post. Your right the coop mode is a great idea this is the only real reason i bought the game but to say oh well you tried and failed doesn't really help when you've paid £60 for a game. This bug never happened at the start of the first coop mode it was applied after a patch not sure which one but to have any racing game with ghost cars than cannot be turned off or on is a total joke for over a decade codemasters have been churning f1 games out and still the bugs and the ability not to fix them has now become more of a running joke than anything else. The franchis
  3. This issue was reported almost 3 months ago and has been continually raised over the months since why would it have to be Reproduced? this issue should have been long sorted out by now, this may sound like a trivial issue but in reality this mode is the one i really bought this game for and to have this bug for 3 months and what seems now to have been ignored is getting annoying. I do understand there are a lot of issues with this game but 3 months.....seriously you can really see the EA shining through now on this title....
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