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  1. Hi all. I just bought a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel for a good price at Argos, £84.99. They asked me if I want to spend an extra £34 for 3 years replacement product warranty which covers accidental damage and breakdowns that happen outside of the manufacturer's guarantee. It means I can just return it to Argos for an immediate replacement during that time period. I don't know how reliable the wheel might be over those 3 years so do you think the extra warranty is necessary and worth it?
  2. Hi all. I'm new to the forum and F1 2013 and have a question about when the race changes from wet to dry. I'm doing the PS3 version and Grand Prix option with all the 2013 races and all the assists on at Amateur level. I'm not doing any set up stuff for now until I learn the game more. So with 2 races to go all I need to do is finish ahead of Alonso to be champion.I dominate all 3 qualifying sessions at the US Grand Prix and am on pole by 3.389 seconds. The race is set for one pit stop and it starts out wet. I lead from the start and build a good advantage so retain a  27+ seconds lead even after the scheduled pit stop but then then with 3 laps to go I'm told over the pit radio that I need to come in and change to dry tyres. I do what it says but still come out with wet tyres (no option to change to anything else presented itself during the stop) and only a 5 second advantage and the car is completely undriveable and I mean totally, not just that you have to be careful. It's all over the place and I fall down to 16th! Ridiculous! Any words of wisdom? The booklet you get with the game tells you very little, sadly.
  3. After the US GP the same thing happened to me in Brazil but before I received everyone's advice. I ignored the engineer telling me to come in and as the track dried was told to slow down in the corners as my tyres were overheating. Did that and still won the race!
  4. Thanks guys, this is very helpful. I'll practice it before I start the next championship! Funny that they don't put any of this in the instruction booklet.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I suppose I'll just give that a go next time I make a pit stop and see what happens then.