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  1. I would argue that taking their time didn't help either; this bug was introduced in the last release, which took months (it was, among other things, the update to the F2 championship...).
  2. Honestly I wanted to use it for the holidays and have now turned to Assetto Corsa which (from 2014) which arguably is not as immersive in the experience as having the official license, but its incredibly challenging and fun, immersive in different ways, plus works incredible in VR. I understand all the reasons. But I will probably not come back for F1 2022, ( I mean if they add VR, maybe 🙂 ), its too long to release a patch, many games releases simple patches that don't require to consolidate 25 gb of updates to the game.
  3. Same here. It didn't work, it's frustrating because I was using it to learn (it's my first F1 game) and it's also a good feature to start and grow to F1. I appreciate the work done on the debugging tho, it's more than we are getting from codemasters at this point. Hopefully they will get it sort it out. Preferably before they release f1 2022 with the new cars... I mean it's not like the season is over.
  4. I just came here to check if I was alone in this. Exactly same thing, Qualy in F2 no matter what position I start at the back at the grid, it has happened to me in the last 2 races (I think it started since the last update) I also lost all my Tier progress. Just sent an email to codemasters and a tweet, haven't had a reply.
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