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  1. I am now in season 3 but have stopped playing this game the game just sucks. Have even created new career times to test, have there extra no components geupgradet but exactly the same game also get there no DNFs. At release and before the first patches I got normal DNFs but suddenly I get no more no matter with which team I start a career.
  2. Jeff often tells me that there is a problem with the engine and the damage model is shown but then in the same second he says that the problem seems to be fixed which makes no sense. I have as I said already tried new career and also made new Steam account. It's always the same Jeff says we seem to have a problem with the engine and then in the same second he says problem seems to be fixed. Can not be when it works normally with others and with others suddenly no longer
  3. sorry you're talking **** I see on youtube videos that have completely new parts in it and can get trz DNF. On the day of release I got that too or right in the first race. But now for 3 season not get it so this is clearly flawed in the game. But no of course at Bugmasters there are no bugs funktioinert yes everything without problems ne 😉
  4. yes that was the same for me. difference I drive 50% race which should make no difference. Let's all be honest this game is a pure disaster it has more bugs than what works
  5. I have set everything correctly, even created a new Steam account, started a new career with me the DNF system no longer works for a long time even.
  6. I am now in the 3rd season and jeff often says we have a problem with the engine and my damage model indicator is displayed but jeff then says directly again the problem is apparently fixed that can not be somehow. I have the release often DNF get even if my components were still in order, but now no longer. And meanwhile can not play the game anyway because it is much too buggy
  7. Still no answer to this ? very weak bugmasters very weak
  8. The game is completely broken. I can't play it now without bugs and the game has been out for almost 6 months......
  9. People who know and are familiar with F1 say that the game is bad and unrealistic, but you are such a typical person who has no idea and tries to join in and say that you are not good enough. If I had to bet I would say you are Verstappen and Red Bull fan
  10. which videos should I show, look at the whole forum, even e-sportsmen say that the game sucks and the driving physics is a disaster. How little grip the cars have in parts is unrealistic and stupid
  11. sorry, who wants to talk F1 2021 good or says that it is good, has a loss of reality
  12. The game is generally an insult and a disaster. Driving physics as bad as never felt before and bugs without end. I do not know how you can talk this game good
  13. Hello no one bock from the supporters here to write? The game is an absolute insult. Are you not ashamed eig for such a poor performance? but the main thing to pull everyone's money out of your pocket
  14. ja Perfekt mal ein Deutscher hier, kann ich mal ohne Übersetzer schreiben. Was es für Bugs gibt in diesen Game ist einfach nur krank. Das Game ist komplett im Arsch und kannst eig in die Tonne kloppen
  15. will someone here take care of it or have I now just had bad luck? Would then like compensation for it because with me yes a novelty that was promised does not work
  16. Safetycar unfortunately does not come when the AI has an engine failure 😞
  17. @BarryBL Could someone check it out ? because it's a pity that this function no longer works for me
  18. not even your new features work and the game is out for 5 months -.-
  19. what bugs there are. The game is a Bug
  20. A detailed description of the issue. - have not received a DNF yet in my season. Jeff often says: Don't panic yet, but we see a problem on our side, we'll look into it. Then of course he says nothing at first. then he also says: we can confirm that it's an issue with our engine. but then says directly Good news it looks like the faul has been fixed Report Code - SVDG-KACX-SRMK-KSGE Platform? PC Steam Game-mode? Karrieremodus [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here.
  21. you can definitely say the developers have completely ****** up
  22. https://youtu.be/wX2aFRRJlDQ https://youtu.be/VubeFFl95tw Have 2 videos here where 2 AI drivers have an engine failure and drop out and there is just no safety car, that's a joke. I have F1 2021 since release and it has never come out when the AI has an engine failure and fails. Why is there please the function that you can set the safety car to increased, if it then does not come more often than standar
  23. Nowadays developers don't give a **** about the community and are only out to make money for doing little. In the past, they really put a lot of love into the games. Nowadays, however, only buggte unfinished games come out, because they give a **** on quality, because they can do what they want, because you can not do anything legally. No matter how buggy the game is, you don't get your money back. What I find just brazen
  24. Would appreciate it if game developers would admit their mistakes when they screw up, but everything is always kept quiet. I'm not interested in the F2 anyway, but if I make a big announcement video you should stick to it. There you can see how Bugmasters ***** on the community. Just say publicly. takes longer than expected and done.
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