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  1. I've tried everything, any other solution? Or at least any way to get a refund to buy the Xbox version of the game? I've just wasted my money.
  2. Last update. I tried again to lower all the graphic down, even the refresh rate to 60 from 144. I also installed the beta. But nothing, it crash exactly life before. I've never experienced anything like that.
  3. Sorry for posting in italian. I already tried to lower all the graphic down to the minimum, even changed the res but nothing. In the background nothing important is running, i even tried to disable all the proccess but nothig changed.
  4. My settings is on high, in f1 2020 was on very high and never gave me problems. I took so much to take the photos because is crashing at the begging every time now. I just started a race and it crashed after 3 rows.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, i tried to reinstall the driver but the problem is still here. What can I do?
  6. I attached the zip in the first comment, is it the right zip? Thanks for the help
  7. Hi and thanks for the reply. No my GPU isn't over clocked and during gaming session it never reach over 70 degrees. In idle it run at 30 degree max
  8. Bought today the game, i can't do anything, after some minutes the game will crash in any circumstances, in the menu or in game. Here is the dump rar. Report Code: EGO Dumper; Platform: PC, Windows 11, i5 6600k, nVidia 1080 ti, asrock z170 extreme, Corsair cs650m, 16 gb ram 2666; temp is under control and only f1 2021 is gaving me problems; Game-mode: All, even menus; Troubleshooting: tried all (re-installed the game, added to exception in windows defender, run as administrator, change to low graphic...); How it happen: it happen after some minutes on the game, sometim
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