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  1. The thread for the new beta update is closed for some odd reason, so I'll be posting my issue on this thread. Once again, THIS IS REGARDING THE NEW BETA THAT FIXED THE FFB FOR THE G923. My game crashed on lap 21/50 on Jeddah out of nowhere and my wheel froze trying to move to the left. The game crashed on a straight, so I'm not sure why the wheel is trying to go to the left, I'll leave imgur link for video proof. PC Specs: Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB 3200mhz memory, RX5700XT and the f1 game is installed in a 500gb nvme ssd. Video proof: https://imgur.com/a/k8EDRdN I sent the ego dum
  2. FFB works on the latest beta for my G923. Feels a little stiffer than what I remember, but it must be because of the two weeks I wasn't able to play the game. Anyhow, thanks for rolling out the beta, I can finally try out Jeddah.
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