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  1. Actually Heusinkveld have been incredibly helpful and responsive with the issue, we have just not found a solution to the problem. We have troubleshooted as many things as possible without any luck, and I am not the only person with this issue which has been confirmed not to be a hardware problem. As I said in the initial post, the pedals work completely fine in every other game I play, iRacing, AC, ACC, but just not F1. I tested it in F1 19, 20 & 21 all with the exact same issue. If you were to look at the picture I provided you would see the screenshot of Smart Control register
  2. Hm, not sure what I choose to spend my money on has anything to do with the issue, I use them for many other sims out there, I didnt just buy them for F1 but I digress, It's not on their compatibility list yet they literally have 3 preset schemes in the game files: he_sim_pedals_v1 he_sim_pedals_v2 he_sim_pedals_v3 On top of this, Codies have aknowledged this problem in the past on older games where they literally use HE Pedals in their office and addressed the problem: Support say nothing. EA just send me to some automated BS FAQ page with 0 help a
  3. Still in the same boat my friend. Not been able to play since. Its sad 😞
  4. I reinstalled the game, even reinstalled Windows on a fresh machine and now all pedals have this 50% deadzone. Please can someone acknowledge this. Spend over £1k on pedelas for them to not even work with your game 🙂
  5. Same issue with me, let me know if you find a fix 😞
  6. I have a similar issue, although it picks up my Throttle fine, my Brake doesnt start registering on the game until I slam it down 50% of the way already. Did you fox your issue? (Only happens in this game)
  7. This only happens on F1 2021 and no other game, but my brake pedal does not start registering an input until way after my preload and into the loadcell. The game itself has 0 deadzone on the brake and Smart Control has about 4% (Which is a slight rest on the pedal at most). See attached image. I have tried to reinstall the game, recalibrate the pedals in Windows Game Controllers, recalibrate them in Smart Control, and rebound them several time in game, reinstalled Windows even. I have seen several posts complaining about this issue dating all the way back to like F1 2016 but there is
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