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  1. Dirtfish is grand an all but we never found the Kebab Pizza easter egg in Dirt 4. Maybe it's in the new Dirtfish too? Anyone for some clues...?
  2. Somewhere along the line everyone seems to have come under the assumption game development takes less time than it actually does. Everyone used to see it as an art that really took time and incredible talent, which it does, and that being lost is a real shame.  However that came about it has plagued this forum and every other forum I've ever been on.
  3. It's not going to just release tomorrow is it? It's not early access is it? IS IT!? Pic looks nice.
  4. They registered the domains back in June and I'm fairly sure we all passed it off as just future proofing. Future proofing for exactly this.  https://viewdns.info/reversewhois/?q=EBRAND+Services+AG 2.0
  5.   Truly a great rally  :D                   
  6. All live has paid for itself this morning alone. As a Thierry fan as well, this power stage is going to be epic. What is this time card nonsense!? 
  7. Where is Sordo's pace? Don't Hyundai chiefly employ him for tarmac events such as this? Neuville's been saying the car is handling horribly, is it just that bad? 
  8. Me too. But what happens when a company that doesn't want to be restricted by licences starts to be restricted because it doesn't have a licence? Wow that really blew my mind. Who knows? My guess is we're about to find out. 
  9. I dislike how much your post makes sense. 
  10. I'm British and I don't even know what one of those is.
  11. Why is the answer to things always 8!? Who ate this, 8/10, 8 shamrocks? What year is it? 
  12. Yeah but it still sounds like a wrc 8 tease. Also if codemasters are doing a wrc game I doubt they would call it WRC 8. Either it would tie in with the Dirt brand, or just simply WRC 2018, like with the F1 games You're a non-believer then? 
  13. I'm pretty sure the 'wrcthegame' twitter account is universal for whomever develops the game, i.e if it was another developer they'd still have that twitter handle. Cling to hope I say, clinggg  :#
  14. You mean they aquired WRC license but decided not to take advantage of that and released it under Dirt franchise? No, I don't think so.  He didn't mean that.
  15. WRC 8. Surely the WRC licence would mean they can include cars from previous eras as well? I'd be happy if all the locations were added to Dirt 4, physics/setups improved and a WRC class bolted on fully licensed to be honest. Or is that already too much to ask?  :D
  16. I presume we've all seen the CGI fest V-Rally 4 trailer? 
  17. Judging from the fact @ChristinaMc said she dropped hints about Dirt 4 in several road books, i'd say the clues are all there and they must have been working on something other than Dirt 4. The clubs patch was largely thanks to the racenet team I'd have thought... Wasn't there that brief glimpse of a possible new environment in the Codemasters behind the scenes video? Clutching at straws here. Edit: Couldn't find it but did find a post from ChristinaMC stating that OnRush team is different and the DiRT team are their own separate entity. 
  18. "Aside from that, it’s been hard for us to be so quiet of late, as there are lots of things bubbling under the surface here – but there’s been a lot of shifting goalposts and sign-off requirements stopping us from going forth about discussing what they are!" From the last road book. The sign off bit is what I would like to know about.  ;) 
  19. my god if these clowns get it im going to cry.... :'( That would make me slightly mad... I'll see myself out
  20. Hi all, with the Swedish conditions looking as they are, what is the optimal road position? I'm still new to all this...
  21. Uh, so this is going well for Hyundai, Mikkelsen out. I thought they were supposed to be the next VW? 
  22. Neu year, same old Neuville. At least he didn't tease me by romping away for the first few days before having his off.  :D
  23. I mean I read this as though codemasters were making an announcement, is that not what it says? I believe what I want to believe. http://www.speedmachine.com/whats-on
  24. Seems it's pointless to release it then at this stage, from a logistical point of view. The longer it gets put off the more i'd be inclined to focus resources on the next project, or fixing F1 2017, both of which I think they are doing. 
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