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  1. zissakos1 said:
    I know all this. Of course it is some effort. Of course it is not copy paste, even if taken from Dirt Rally.
    But how much do you think it is?? I estimate it's 1-2 weeks for one experienced programmer. Maybe less if assigned to 2 programmers.
    Remember, the task is: Import VR functionality from DR and finetune/polish it until it works for DR2.0.

    Now, DR2.0 will have been in the making for almost 2 years when released in Feb 2019. TWO YEARS.
    And there was no possibility to assign this task to 1-2 programmers in the project?
    I just don't believe that.

    Why do you guys always defend Codemasters without them having said anything like that? Why don't you let them answer these uncomfortable questions? Why don't you keep the pressure up until the last conservative manager at CM understands that VR is must these days, even despite all the arguments you listed?

    If we keep "understanding" the developers, if we keep explaining the lack of VR to ourselves, if we keep saying that VR is "sooo small a userbase", then THINGS WILL NEVER CHANGE.

    Somewhere along the line everyone seems to have come under the assumption game development takes less time than it actually does. Everyone used to see it as an art that really took time and incredible talent, which it does, and that being lost is a real shame. 

    However that came about it has plagued this forum and every other forum I've ever been on.
  2. They registered the domains back in June and I'm fairly sure we all passed it off as just future proofing. Future proofing for exactly this. 


  3. carpa said:
    I always had that impression from Codemasters. That they didn't want to be restrained by a strict license. I'm starting not to be so sure about that now.
    Me too. But what happens when a company that doesn't want to be restricted by licences starts to be restricted because it doesn't have a licence?

    Wow that really blew my mind. Who knows? My guess is we're about to find out. 
  4. I think, after seeing the job offer from BigBen, that Codemasters are not the ones in charge of this next WRC title. If they were, there would have a deal signed, already in 2017, and BigBen wouldn't be looking for a Game Producer (permanent contract, no less). If they had signed with Codemasters, they would already have a dev team, and if Codemasters were short on personel they would add job offers on their site.

    To me, it's obvious BigBen is assembling a new team and they plan to dominate the rally market. A new team will handle WRC titles, while Kylotton will use V-Rally as a direct assault on DiRT. Just look at it, it's an off-road game with several disciplines: rally, rallycross, hillclimb, Buggy (aka Landrush) and Extremekhana (which we all know is Gymkhana). Remind you of another franchise?
    I dislike how much your post makes sense. 
  5. Guys, that number eight Tweet is from a contest. They pasted some shamrocks onto a screen shot and you had to see how many you could find. 
    Yeah but it still sounds like a wrc 8 tease.

    Also if codemasters are doing a wrc game I doubt they would call it WRC 8. Either it would tie in with the Dirt brand, or just simply WRC 2018, like with the F1 games
    You're a non-believer then? 
  6. carpa said:
    I just hate to stop the conspiracy theories but this to me looks like a hint Kylotonn are still working on WRC 8.
    I'm pretty sure the 'wrcthegame' twitter account is universal for whomever develops the game, i.e if it was another developer they'd still have that twitter handle. Cling to hope I say, clinggg  :#
  7. SamRWD said:
    KevM said:
    What if they’ve been working on WRC all along though, & DiRT 4 was put out just to fill a gap?
    You mean they aquired WRC license but decided not to take advantage of that and released it under Dirt franchise? No, I don't think so. 
    He didn't mean that.
  8. Codies could use real life stages (as per those on Dirt Rally) then use Your Stage technology to create the basis of more stages, and then tweak them up to make each more unique. Or maybe use some of the tech to put scenery alongside a road lifted from the spectator tech?

    One final thought: how about a combined WRC and WRX game? Would help bring new fans to both disciplines!
    Absolutely yes to the last one.
  9. KevM said:
    So then, Would people actually prefer WRC 8 or DiRT Rally 2?
    WRC 8. Surely the WRC licence would mean they can include cars from previous eras as well? I'd be happy if all the locations were added to Dirt 4, physics/setups improved and a WRC class bolted on fully licensed to be honest. Or is that already too much to ask?  :D
  10. KevM said:
    They couldn’t not be doing SOMETHING??  Not after D4.  It’s not the game you put your feet up after, is it?

    Do the DiRT guys have any involvement in that OnRush carry-on?  

    Id be ultra-frustrated if that’s what they have all been doing since DiRT 4  :/

    I’ll say it again, this Radio silence is really really worrying.  Someone must know something???!
    Judging from the fact @ChristinaMc said she dropped hints about Dirt 4 in several road books, i'd say the clues are all there and they must have been working on something other than Dirt 4. The clubs patch was largely thanks to the racenet team I'd have thought...

    Wasn't there that brief glimpse of a possible new environment in the Codemasters behind the scenes video? Clutching at straws here.

    Edit: Couldn't find it but did find a post from ChristinaMC stating that OnRush team is different and the DiRT team are their own separate entity. 
  11. "Aside from that, it’s been hard for us to be so quiet of late, as there are lots of things bubbling under the surface here – but there’s been a lot of shifting goalposts and sign-off requirements stopping us from going forth about discussing what they are!"

    From the last road book. The sign off bit is what I would like to know about. 
  12. bogani said:
    Club patch still weeks away according to an answer on twitter.

    Seems it's pointless to release it then at this stage, from a logistical point of view. The longer it gets put off the more i'd be inclined to focus resources on the next project, or fixing F1 2017, both of which I think they are doing. 
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