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  1. If we're gonna start with 'what if' then Neuville would have been champion this year IF he would have finished MC & Sweden when he was leading both rallies. He lost a lot more than Tanak has this season. Mhuhahahahaha. But now will never know... for this year anyway. ;) I'm just glad a Ford car is at the top. I can't say i'm a veteran WRC follower, only started back in 2014 when Thierry took his first win for Hyundai, but those DNF's in the first two rounds were heartbreaking. I'd be happy for Ford and Ogier though, he's fully deserved it this year more than any. 
  2. Anyone got some tips and advice for Wales this year? Only went to the special stage at the castle last year, but really keen to get a better look on some of the stages like Sweet Lamb. I can't get there for a Friday, so Saturday seems my best bet. 
  3. Thierry looking like he needs another late Saturday/Sunday charge if the early pace is anything to go by. Mikkelsen doing an as expected good job, just hoping for Thierry so the championship goes to the last round, come on.  :D
  4. Hmm.... It's hard to say something without being too obvious. I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange: logs Isn't the DirtFish compound called twin peaks in the files? Would make sense as with the random stage generator, that's the only place that is always the same...
  5. Ahh thank you very much, saved me a lot of time. Quick response as well is much appreciated, looking to keep using and supporting this app as it really is the best on the market for my needs. 
  6. @StryderIT Would it be possible to create designs on the pc app instead of the mobile one? I sometimes struggle with multiple widgets all on one page and a desktop environment is much easier. Otherwise it works perfectly and is the best out there for sure!  -Further to this, a method to clone a page would solve most of my issues. I am trying to have the rev lights and other widgets on each page in the same position, and am having to replicate it each time. 
  7. I'm enjoying this one, nice to see a Citroen near the top and this weather is making things exciting. Lots of different stage winners and with the championship so tight I can't imagine how Thierry is feeling first out knowing Ogier has been there and done this championship thing before.  :)
  8. Dytut said: Neuville off, hanging front bumper. They're both feeling the heat  :# 
  9. Especially when you check steamdb for the active player count. Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 combined are at 1.5k+ players, whereas WRC 6 is a measly 50 on average, and Seb Loeb Rally Evo a tiny 25. What i'd give for some of the cars from both of those games, i'd pay over the odds for them. 
  10. I think it's definitely repeatable so i'm doubting if it's on a stage as they're all generated. My guess is it's a specific car, specific location, (maybe specific time of day?) and possibly in the back of said car instead of the spare wheel  :DCMMcBabe said: We might have to start giving out clues if you guys don't hurry up. Surely this means they keep including it on the daily or monthly events...?
  11. Is it a topic that requires its own thread? The hunt for pizza?  :#
  12. What category would it be in though? It can't be in the R5 category can it and I can't see them making a new category just for that? I can. There's a category just for the 205 gti.
  13. I know that the incident didn't happen on any stages, and I am biased, but just a fine for that? Seems lenient to me..but what else could they do I suppose.
  14. Accro2008 said: Looks amazing. Wouldn't it be great to mod something like that into the game! 
  15. Haha, wow. Guess I should've figured that no ones seen that movie... as AWESOME as it is. You guys kind of suck. If you want to get STAIGHT to the quote, go to 1:20. Ahh makes more sense now. Never seen that movie, but recognize that it was parodied in the Post-Credit Scene of Deadpool...   it's something :) Look at me, I'm Mary Poppins Y'all !  I've said it before and I'll say it again, old movies are better. Surprised at how many know AIPLANE! but not Ferris Bueller. It's on my Netflix watch list! Need to see it. Oh no. I love that film as well, how could I be so
  16. Let's face it, I'm not European and I don't plan on being European, so who gives a crap if their socialists? They could be Fascist anarchists, still wouldn't change the fact that I don't have a Rally car. What? I'm missing a good joke here.
  17. yeah that's pretty stupid, its asking me 35GB to install a 592MB patch Pretty stupid, and highly annoying. Can't play at the moment without switching the whole game to my HDD because it needs an extra 40gb for the 600mb update. 
  18. Nasa 4 hire Rally Moon? It'd give a whole new meaning to the complaints of the 'weight' of the cars. 
  19. I do indeed  have a T300RS clamp to spare, since mine is hard-mounted on a rig. Question is, where are you from? My saviour! Possibly... I'm from the UK. I've sent you a direct message, save the thread getting ever more off topic, sorry. 
  20. Really off topic here, but I didn't want to start a whole new thread. So in between all the talk of handling and whatever else. Loving the game, bought a new wheel second hand, works great. Except, no wheel clamp for my desk, previous owner lost it... Desperate plea, does anyone have a Thrustmaster TX or similar clamp spare?  :#
  21. I don't know what this means at the moment, but it's the best I could find. Going to try later. http://aluigi.altervista.org/bms/codemasters_nefs.bms
  22. @KickUp (Or anyone else) Are the game files packaged up like F1 2016 was? Has anyone had a look to see what we can and can't get access to with regards to modding liveries, menus, car handling ctf files e.t.c
  23. All looks great. re: Branding Suite I do hope we'll be seeing more livery patterns than the 7 or 8 currently available, in the future though. Maybe through DLC packs?   I'd pay for stuff like that. I'm hoping that these livery patterns can be edited so the mod community can create these DLC packs you speak of... PC Master race and all that jazz.
  24. We are changing the way that liveries work so it may require more work for modded skins to work in DiRT4. Please understand that we are not deliberately making things harder but we have needed to make the changes after updating our lighting and to support the branding suite.  Thanks for the quick reply Paul. I don't mind it being harder as long as it is still possible! I'm sure the changes had to be made for all the great features you've added, really looking forward to them. 
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