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  1. Speaking of PC Master Race, wouldn't it be amazing if they freed up the capability to mod old stages into the game, i.e from Dirt Rally... On a similar note, @KickUp the openly allowed modding of skins in Dirt Rally was brilliant. Unfortunately the preview tiles we weren't able to edit. In Dirt 4 before going into a stage is there a way we can select a modded livery without having to use memory for which has replaced which? Can it be seen before starting an event? Minor thing really but these kind of things make a game for me. 
  2. It is highly unlikely but I just wonder how long those licence deals last from previous games in the series. Besides, adding previous stages or tracks whilst still being illegal has been done for the F1 series past. I'm also sure that publicising and creating non approved liveries is a breach of license as it is. 
  3. Isn't the solution to the content problem for us early access goers to free up the mod capabilities? This need not happen until 6 months into the console launch, but giving just a little freedom over mod capability would enhance the longevity of the game and keep it fresh. In my wildest dreams, whilst not being ideal, being able to import tracks or stages from previous DiRT games on the ego engine would be a solution. That's just my thoughts.
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