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  1. The game is enjoyable still but there's little irritating things, seems like there's been an update or an influx of players as i've had some really close races recently as in less than one tenth. Sadly in this pro league event i've had 102 wins and 22 losses so 0.823. Which is great but I don't know if that's down to skill or alot of these weird fake races at times. I just wish we could have a team where you could join the team and you get rewards for completing challenges etc and you get to design a team livery etc, i think that would be really cool.
  2. Oh i've got the Mercedes and it's class I win 15 races in a row but there's no skill to it anymore, just win things by miles then lose by miles
  3. I wouldn't worry about that, simply because it doesn't matter what level your car/parts are, if you're in the pro league the game adjusts to your car level anyhow. Making it so you can win races and lose them. It's all rubbish, the only thing levelling up car/parts do is lower your lap times but you've got no one to compare them to and the pro league leaderboards are rubbish anyhow
  4. Does anyone feel like they’ve completed the game? Finished all the career mode challenges, always get champion rewards. Races are fake so always win 7 in a row then lose. Level 7 chassis and setup with level 3/5…which I know isn’t the highest but there’s no benefit to upgrading anymore as you can’t win anything else. The events are bs aswell
  5. What i've noticed is, Sprint Races AI seem to be very slow I always end up being 1st. Grid Starts, you're lucky to finish higher than 6th. Qualifying, filled with Fake races and i win by 3 seconds+ by people who have quicker lap times than mine
  6. All you have to do is look at the pro league top ranks...Number 1... Bisino 665 wins and 50 losses...behave. Think it's fairly impossible someone has raced 715 times in 4 days
  7. So you're right, it doesn't matter if it says Champion or Bronze 1, that's been a bug from the first season. The strange thing seems to be that when you win a race you don't get a consistent points increase and when you lose it takes off more points. It feels like you need to win 2 races to get back the points you've lost in 1 race. I managed to go on a 12 win streak, got to Champion and have all the rewards unlocked, so whilst it doesn't matter it's a little irritating to see
  8. if i'm honest I didn't spend a cent anyhow, as i was looking at the prices when the top cars got reduced down to £10, there was a slight accident that meant i ended up buying said mercedes...I asked for a refund due to the accident and I received my money back.............................................hint...........................hint😅
  9. I can't believe what i've noticed... I completed all my 5 placements, won them all against fake AI and got placed in Platinum 3..irritating but atleast it gives me some competition. I've started winning races as you do, moving up into Diamond 2 fairly quickly but I thought I wasn't going any further. Played a few more races as you do, just presuming you need to win more and more races to keep moving up the bands. Got to a 9 win streak and lost my race against someone who was 10 seconds quicker...great! and it seemed to knock me down alot of points, so i've started watching what happens. I
  10. I practiced alot in the current "official car event" where you can constantly reset and do qualifying runs or grid start runs etc. I found being on 0 did improve lap time, it only improved it on the qualifying mode. As soon as you got to the grid starts and sprint races, it was quicker per lap but if you got touched by any AI, then you were spinning and getting knocked onto the grass in suzuka where it just stops you dead, it was fairly pointless. Also, personally I found it quiet hard to keep a consistent lap which might be more down to my personal skill level but it just felt a little all ov
  11. Firstly, let me thank you for such a detailed explanation, I agree with the majority of your points. I've not gone for the highest PI rating as frankly as you say it's not actually the best setup for the game. I have done the Mercedes Career mode and completed it but unfortunately I did this when the challenges weren't adding up correctly, for example the consecutive poles just weren't counting. Since they've updated the game to fix this, i've lost all missions which means there's no missions available now for me to complete! How irritating! I think for now, my setup is the best it can be unti
  12. I’m level 31, got a Mercedes’ chassis 6, which unlocks everything baring the last Aero slot. What setups are people going for? Seem to be able to get a higher PI but a worse performing car. I’ve settled with this setup which gives me a good all round car but just wondered what other people were doing.
  13. I think the worse thing they did was take out the single player practice mode with different laps and modes. I've heard the reason they can't just add new tracks is because they actually go and map them out at the genuine circuit. So with COVID and the extra cost, i believe that's the reason we can't have constant new tracks. Admittedly, they're able to do it for the F1 game on PS,XBOX,Computer etc but it seems to me, this mobile game has a very small team who don't have the resources to catch up on all the bad points + new tracks.
  14. I have stability on 2...this seemed to stop me from spinning out when being hit. sounds stupid but it gave me more stability whereas playing at 0 or 1, it felt like i was a feather and would get knocked all over the place if AI or someone touched me.
  15. So i won all my placement races against fake AI who were 10 seconds slower than me even though they were a higher rank than me with a quicker fastest lap....even after winning all 5 placement races, i've been placed into platinum 3....i'm now facing people who are 10 seconds quicker than me. I really cba with this game anymore. Just pointless
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