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  1. This is an issue that has plagued all the previous games and 2021 is no different. You cannot correct steering when using the controller because the sensitivity is far too slow. This makes the game pointless without a steering wheel. Assetto Corsa has great controls that allow mod corner correction and snapping quickly left to right in slower chicanes. F12021 controller settings are far too slow despite the saturation being all the way up, this does not affect the horribly slow turning ability. This games needs Assetto Corsa style steering settings. Otherwise, the controller is
  2. Yep, this drives me mad. Just downloaded f12021 to see if they improved it, nope... still the same slow ass steering, feels nothing like driving a real car. You can't snap steer going through tight chicanes, can't correct on exits, just can't drive the car as you would with a wheel. They need to lift the steering controls directly from assetto corsa and put them into the f1 games. Then it would actually be fun to drive!
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