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  1. Alright, unfortunately it didn't help. I had 5 other crashes in my 6h session yesterday. It crashed right at the first start, then it ran for 3h straight, than I had 2 more crashes, one during an online Qualy and one during an online race. This time I managed to catch it, please see it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BUqzZMzqF-YLGFu9cVYmnuGmiWv14PDl/view?usp=sharing I also attached an EGO Damper file (and removed it from my post above). Actions performed so far: - Clean GPU driver install - Updated chipset drivers - limited FPS to 143 (monitor is 143hz)
  2. I tried this, managed to rund 1.5 races and it didn't crash so far. I'm confident that it solved my issue. I'll test more and will confirm / seek for more help / attach a video. Thank you so much so far!
  3. Hey Stevie, this is exactly why I asked to please delete this post as I (mistakenly) created another one, which includes a dxdiag.
  4. double post, please delete this one.
  5. Hi team, I'm desperate. My game keeps crashing randomly and the sole hint that I get is the ego dumper crash code. A detailed description of the issue. I cannot tell a lot about it. It happens when I'm on track. In the menu everything is fine. It doesn't matter which game mode. It happens in every mode..trial, league races, GP races, online ranked & unranked. Sometimes I can drive 3h without a crash, sometimes it crashes 3 times within 5 minutes. First the game freezes, then I can still see the frozen F1 screen and the ego dumper
  6. Hi team, I frequently get random ego dumper crashes. By frequently I mean multiple times throughout an evening. A detailed description of the issue: I cannot tell a lot because these crashes happen randomly, but only when I'm on the track, not in the menu. Game mode can be any. Sometimes I can drive for 3 hours straight and everything works smoothly. Sometimes I start a race or training session and get the bug instantly. I restart the game and it crashes right away again. This happens multiple times. I thought it might be an hardware issue but n
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