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  1. A detailed description of the issue. - In driver career I was at Abu Dhabi during Q1 in qualifying I set my lap and was driving back to the pitlane when I crashed into the wall and DNF so the session ended and I was in 15th and then it showed my name in red indicating I was out of qualifying even though I had a faster lap than Gio in 14th and it's meant to be 15 drivers going into Q2 not 14. In 2 Player Career my friend made it into Q2 and set a lap early on in qualifying on the softs because rain was on the way after he set the lap he was P1 and then he retired because the rain started fall
  2. Thats a joke because I know it takes ages to get the correct setups for all the tracks and for them to just go like that after you worked so hard on them.
  3. 1st pic - Driver career crashed out coming back to the pits after my lap and then im out in Q1 even though I'm 15th and I have a faster lap then Gio 2nd pic - 2 player career my friend did a lap at the start of quali when it was dry and then it started to rain so he retired because it was an easy 1st place then at the end we see that he's out even though he has the fastest lap and is 10th. I don't have high expectations for 22 but I just hope stuff like this gets sorted
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