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  1. SOLVED: On initial game startup controller defaults to Logitech Formula Force and Keyboard Preset 1. Edit Keyboard Preset 1 and set Accelerate to Throttle Pedal, Brake to Brake Pedal, Steer Left to Wheel left , Steer Right to Wheel right. Leave Keyboard 1 and save controller scheme. Go back into the controller scheme you saved to calibration. You will noticed that the brake is now at 0 and throttle at 50. Set throttle deadline to 50 and you will notice that the throttle now is at 0. Test throttle and brake you note they are now working as designed.
  2. Hi All, not sure of this is the forum to ask for help but here goes..... Running F1 2017 on new iMac with Nimbus controller pad, all good, lots of fun. Starting get more serious and bought my self a used Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel with pedals. The game recognizes the wheel as "Logitech Formula Force". Searching the F1 files I could not find this name/text? The buttons on the wheel are all recognized and work. The problem is with the pedals. When I look at calibration the brake is set at 100% and the throttle at 50%. When I press the throttle pedal it will responds and move from 50
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