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  1. Guenther1967

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Not sure why they always tell the people they will improve it - they are not able or willing to understand what people like to have - it's quite simple bring back the FFB of DR1. For my Simucube 1 OSW wheel FFB still is far from Dirt Rally (no feel of tyre slip on esp. hard to know what your car is doing when on loose surface as guessing isn't making you faster) and I know that I will never buy any game from CM in the future! They were not able to deliver a Dirt 4 that met my expectations and now with Dirt Rally 2 it's the same, although the reasons for the imho epic fails are different for both games. I hope that other companies will manage to support any combination of wheels, pedals and controllers (the biggest issue with WRC7 I heard) - as long as this isn't the case I will stay with DR1 ...