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  1. Do you guys know AOR (Apex Online Racing)? They are the biggest F1 league ever on any F1 game, on any console. They have 7 tiers on xbox! @Hatta do you guys work with their league? I'm sure codies wont ditch AOR 
  2. https://twitter.com/justbiglee/status/486983369985904640
  3. How do you get the tweet to display?
  4. Remember that screenshot of F1 2014 in the STEAM market. That is the PC market. This leeds to the fact that F1 2014 will be on PC and PS4, dont know about xbox One yet. This is what I think
  5. http://t.co/bxmbDytOFy - Codies have also leaked the cover photo for F1 2014!
  6. I asked Steve Hood on twitter if we're getting news this week. He hasn't replied. Does mean anything?
  7. Didn't they release 2011 info at the Australian GP? For all we know, we could get news in the next 2 hours?
  8. It was confirmed that we will get no news this weekend. Remember, we are talking about codemasters here...
  9. I have a feeling we will be getting news this weekend
  10. I really hope they announce formation laps. It would give great depth into the game 
  11. I have 131 subs and would like to gain some more, My YouTube Channel Thanks guys!!
  12. No Idea, we will have to wait!
  13. Source? https://twitter.com/Formula1game/status/482092906623537152
  14. No F1 2014 news for Silverstone :( 
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