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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    1. Colors.    When i try to install the same color in different slots livery, i should determine to the eye as the colors match. What i want suggest: front of the color bar to set a certain number as on screens.Now:  What i want: 2. Flashback.    Why flashback does not look like the Race Driver: Grid or Dirt 2, 3, Showdown?    And flashbaсk is not working quite right.Before using my car wasn't damaged after the use damage appeared.3. Clubs livery.    Why i cant to set my personal sponsors in my car with club livery?4. Menu.    Why car's engine work in menu, therefore car is shaking. And i want to turn off car light. And make a lighter around the car.5. Spectators on the track.    In graphic options i can disable spectatops, but i listen shouts from the tribunes on the track.6. Remains car bumpers, spoilers, hoods and etc.    They are lying, or what is more surprising to soar above the track. It would be nice, if they say disappeared after one lap of race. 7. Ingame cash.    I think that too little money is paid for participation in the race.8. No collision mode.    When my friends want to find out who the best racer, we turn off the collision. But starting grid still works. ie my friend can come first, and I'm on the twelfth. Is not sports.P.S. Sorry for my bad English and thanks for reading.