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  1. The game froze on me once in PVP Rallycross, but other than that, all is well with Racenet (on PC).
  2. So we've confirmed that XBOne, PS4, and PC are all down...maybe it'll be better than ever after this update.  Could it be that all the consoles and systems will be able to play together?
  3. I don't understand why they would break it in the first place.  It was working fine for months and months and now they can't figure out what went wrong?
  4. I'm getting the same problem--can't connect to Racenet.  I thought it was because I upgraded routers initially, but when I put the old router back online, I'm still experiencing the issue.  How do I delete or leave a league, please?  I heard that may fix it.  Thank you. OS:  win10
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