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  1. The first two F1 World Drivers Championships were won by drivers in Alfa Romeo cars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo_in_Formula_One
  2. I think hitting the other car would've been preferable to going over the barrier! The cars are designed to deform on impact (excluding the survival cell of course, and car on car crashes are usually ok. In Floersch's accident she hit a pretty solid structure which brought her to a quick stop. If she hit the other car then the stop time would have been longer and safer I'm sure. They said with Jules Bianchi's accident that if he had hit Sutil's car instead of the recovery vehicle then he would've most likely walked away from it because Sutil's car would have also started to deform (probably no
  4. Hope you enjoy it bud! I had so much fun playing it the first time (On X1) that as soon as it came out on the Windows Store for PC I bought it again and played it again, and then when it came to Steam I bought it again and played it again :D
  5. Kinda funny how this was last updated a year ago for @Hughesy's birthday. Happy birthday dude! Hope it's been a less shitty one than last years!
  6. Pretty much anything by Noctua and you can't go wrong bud. They have a bit of a 'unique' colour scheme going on though. Otherwise, something from Be Quiet! would be a good choice too.
  7. As is now tradition, here's Hughesy and I from the TV cameras. I'm on the left in the white top, and Hughesy on the right wearing a red hat :)
  8. Luffield/Woodcote to start with, then down to the middle grandstand at Copse for a few races and back to Luffield after that. Copse is great for the big screen, but seeing more than just 1 corner down at Luffield and Woodcote is definitely better! Pidgley's crash in race 3 was just to the right off us. Hughesy isn't wrong about our drive back. The worst part of it to me was the few times the car behind came flying up and then sat right on the bumper before overtaking and driving suicidally into the distance. They should have turned around and gone back to Silverstone if they wanted to race.
  9. So even though I'm still annoyed about the ridiculous results, I'm way less annoyed about the overheating tyres now. Also feeling kinda nooby too. The solution is exactly what I said it wasn't. Just turn less lol. I was hitting nearly 110 on the front left tyre temp by lap 6 with hypers and barely making some of the corners at full lock. Tonight I did some testing, and had the hypers go 13 laps at 99-101 before feeling any drop-off, simply by never using full lock on the controller at any point. I also set a lap time 0.1 faster than my fastest lap in the actual race I did lol. AI quali spe
  10. So I just did Monaco. What an absolute shitshow. This happened at Baku too, but to a smaller degree. The 2 stopping AI (and me) get stuck behind 1 stopping AI and it just completely messes up the results. Also, playing on a controller at Monaco is horrific. It's fine for a few laps, but then the tyres start to overheat and there's a few corners that it completely screws you over on. On a wheel it wouldn't really be a problem, but you don't have the same capability with a controller just to turn less because you're barely making the corner anyway. I've really enjoyed every other race, but Mon
  11. Anybody else tried photo mode in F1 2018? One of my favourite things about it :)
  12. You mean gracefully outbraking you while we both take too much care making sure we don't collide, and then both spin anyway without contact being made ;)
  13. The IndyCar pace car just crashed :D It hurts a little to see an expensive Corvette dumped into a wall, but it's still funny.
  14. Thanks @Reub09 reckon they will most likely be my next headset in that case then. It'll probably be a little while yet till I do buy them though, I kinda want to use my Corsair's till they stop working cos they were the same price as the Artic 7's and I wanna get my moneys worth :p The 4 hour battery life I currently have does my head in though, have to charge them after every gaming sessions with Hughesy.
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