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  1. Just signed on the dotted line for this :)

    Just gonna copy and paste some of the features I like about it, looking forward to picking it up!

    Bluetooth system, Cruise control + speed limiter, Air conditioning, Speed sensitive power steering, Trip computer, 6 speakers, Touchscreen controls for audio system, USB connection, LED daytime running lights, Heated steering wheel, Heated front driver and passenger seats, Heated door mirrors, Electric adjustable door mirrors, Electric front windows/one touch facility, Height adjustable driver's seat.

  2. Hughesy said:
    No, she literally said she has no issue with killing 100,000 innocent men, women and children, in what way is that OK? Anyone that thinks that is fine is as evil as she is. You really think people attacking us will care about those people? That makes her no better than others that have killed innocent people.... 
    It's all about the context bud. She's not gonna willy nilly throw a nuke at 100,000 people just cos she feels like it.

    Don't forget that America did it twice. And they killed anywhere from 129,000 to 226,000 innocent men, women and children. But do you think it was the wrong thing to do? How about if that had been us doing it against the Nazi's instead?

    Yes, I'd feel bad for the people who died just because the leaders of their countries are dicks. But if that country has attacked us, and it's progressed to the point that nuking the enemy would stop more war, I'd rather have someone who has the fortitude to go through with it then someone who'd lay down and let more of our own people die, either soldiers or civilians.

    The funny thing about this is that I don't like either Corbyn or May particularly :p So I'm not defending her in particular, just that I think I'd have answered in a similar manner to how she did.

  3. I don't get why you 2 are getting worked up... As she said it's a detterent. And I'd rather have someone in charge who's willing to use that detterent rather than not.

    Say for instance North Korea fires a nuke at us. There's a good chance we'll actually be able to take it out of the sky before it reaches us, but the fact is, they fired at us. So as far as I'm concerned they are fair game for having one sent back in their direction.

    If we had a leader who wouldn't send one back, I'd be extremely concerned for the safety and security of my country.

  4. Hughesy said:
    Awesome, glad I could help, enjoy :D             
    My pcie holder clip broke off, would that cause any issues?
    Like Hughesy said, probably not. The one on my top card has been broken off for ages :p Long as it's screwed in securely I wouldn't worry.

  5. So after how awful Far Cry 4 was (as a game and it's stupid bugs and save file corruptions) I wasn't even thinking about Far Cry 5. But I just watched the trailer and I want it now lol.


  6. Lukedfrt said:

    ****, next week is gonna be a busy one for me. I have job interviews on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday... I can see it being a very stressful week.

    Good luck man, one interview on its own is stressful enough for me haha

    Cheers buddy, but I'm cancelling the third interview now because the one I interviewed for this morning has just been offered to me! So damn chuffed, got a job I think I'm gonna really enjoy :)

  7. Yea but then @R4pp3r would have to put up with Corsair's awful software :p We can't put him through that lol. You and I already suffer through it, it wouldn't be fair to do that to another member of the PC Master Race lol.

  8. That really is a beast lol. The only thing I'd look at diferently is the Aerocool Touch 2100. I owned one for about 6 months before it got annoying to have to press many times to get all fans running faster for gaming, and then press many times to turn them down for idle.

    I'm using Corsair Link and the Commander Mini to control all fans and lighting now, so it's only 2 clicks to go to faster running fans, and 2 clicks to go to idle speed fans. But I also don't recommend it because Corsair's Link software is horrifically awful with the amount of problems and bugs it has.

    So have a look around and see if you can find something else that can control your fans via software, if there's anything else out there that is! If you're planning on pretty much always running your fans at one speed though than the Touch 2100 would be ok, but it's not perfect. Sometimes it lets you run your fans down to 700RPM, other times it will only let you go down to 800RPM, depends what mood it's in ;)

  9. @Hughesy @RevolvingPrawn Is it recommended to get a gpu support as ive heard that larger cards may sag?

    Not until you see it in your case dude. If you install it and it doesn't sag then don't worry about it :) If it does sag then I probably still wouldn't worry about it, but if it makes you feel more comfortable then a support is fine.

    The card has a heavy duty backplate so hopefully that gives it good support.

    Hopefully bud :) Both my cards have backplates too and neither sags so should be all good!

  10. @Hughesy @RevolvingPrawn Is it recommended to get a gpu support as ive heard that larger cards may sag?

    Not until you see it in your case dude. If you install it and it doesn't sag then don't worry about it :) If it does sag then I probably still wouldn't worry about it, but if it makes you feel more comfortable then a support is fine.

  11. MBKF1 said:

    I've never supported him either, the past 2 years I've always supported Buemi for the championship. I still think he deliberately hit Buemi last year in London too.

    Now he's lost his Audi WEC drive, Formula E is now his full focus, he's probably still frustrated at the whole Audi situation I expect!

    Buemi from the start of FE for me :) It was devastating to watch Piquet Jr win it in the first season. Definitely agreed on last season though, it was so glaringly obvious.

    He's frustrated at many things it seems! His comments after as well blaming Da Costa and saying that he clearly forgot how to race are just ridiculous. The guy is the Maldonado of FE but with far more ego. I'm very disappointed that the stewards have decided to do nothing over this incident as well. They seem far too relaxed on what seem to be deliberate acts.

  12. MBKF1 said:

    Managed to find a YouTube stream of it, but yeah, what a biggie that was for Bourdais :/ Got everything crossed for him.

    Rooting for Fernando though, doing pretty well at the moment!

    I had a really good Acestream link for it, but soon as it switched to ESPNews I had to find a webstream. Nowhere near as good :(

    So Sato just went top, but he'll still crash in the race anyway :D It amazes me that he's an Andretti driver.

  13. I could swear we had an IndyCar thread...

    Anybody else watching the first day of Indy 500 qualifying? I know @Hughesy is. Alonso sitting 3rd right now and looking strong. Bourdais has just had a pretty big crash though after being easily the fastest on his frist 2 laps, really nasty looking crash. He was concious when he came to a stop but I wouldn't be surprised if he had some kind of injury from it.

  14. Ordered both the Corsair case and fan so hopefully i can pick them up tomorrow at their depot :)

    The case also supports water cooling, so maybe might go that way in the future.

    Which case did you choose? The 450D? And both cases support water cooling :) Have fun though dude, building a PC up in a new case is one of my favouurite things to do lol.

  15. @RevolvingPrawn @Hughesy In looking at ordering this  https://www.pccasegear.com/products/27272/corsair-obsidian-450d-mid-tower-case-with-window

    Is the case any good?

    I actually have the 750D, the next size up :p It's a very good case, been happy with mine for a couple of years now, but yea I'd say it's been the best case I've had.

    What I did notice though is the Corsair Crystal 460X is only $6 more, and personally, I'd go with that case any day. I'm actually planning on switching to the Corsair Crystal 570X (the bigger one again lol) before too long.

  16. Ok, see if you can find the same fan in the link below at a site that ships to you :) Becauuse it has a 4-pin connecter you'll need a PWM fan which this one is, but you gotta make sure that when you find it on your end it says PWM again.





    So because GMG is only giving away games I already have, here's some Steam codes for whoever wants them.