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  1. SynGamer said:
    Some bloke has walked up and down my road 6 times in 5 minutes, looking into different houses. Should I be worried?
    I would probably report that...
    He wasn't looking in as in stopping and walking up to a window. I mean looking in as in walking past and glancing. But anyway, he's a gas man.
    For a second I thought you had written he was dancing, I was like, why would a gas man walk past and dance? :p
  2. The ACT is twice the size of the UK, yet somehow we have triple the population of Australia... Maybe it's time to empty our prisons into Australia again ;)
    The ACT is very small
    My bad, I missed the squared KM. Still, would you guys like some of our less desirables? :p
    Well two of our last three Prime Ministers were born in the UK. You can have them back.
    How about we trade those 2 for the 97,000 Australians we keep in buildings called 'prison'? ;)
  3. I just don't know about him... His story seems fishy to me, like why didn't he call the police? Why did he shoot first and ask questions later? And surely he would have noticed she wasn't in bed, the first thing you do if you think somebody is in your home is wake up whoever is with you right? 
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