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  1. I've got to say guys its great having you all back, everybody seems to be getting along and it feels like a totally different atmosphere than the old forums. 

    You're all awesome 
    You're awesome too, big man ;)

    There's deffo a different feel to this place now though, a happier kind of vibe, and I can't remember reading any angry comments about the forums (not like with Lithium!), it's all been constructive, good feedback :) And it's great to be back chatting with everybody after quite a long time! I missed my bromo's here :p
  2. Lukedfrt said:
    Got a PS4 few weeks after it came out, PlayStation Plus is amazing for it, but still waiting for some killer games other than infamous! :!!
    Thinking about getting the new MGS game its selling for $49 in kmart.
    $49? That's a little steep. It sells for just over £22 here...
  3. The Intel 8-cores are on the way, but the price will put them out of most peoples range. And while my quad-core outperforms even AMD's highest spec 8-core (FX 9590) I'm sitting pretty :p
    true but I doubt there's much between them given the AMD chip does have a higher clock speed but running faster doesn't necessarily mean better as it's more likely to over heat unless it's accompanied by a really good cooling system that's why I went a couple of steps down myself and went with the 8350 because I didn't need more speed just a better overall system besides I've other ways of getting my system up to speed as that's what the SSD is for
    Heats no problem :p If anything the 8-core will run at a higher temp due to it needing over double the power under load. Mine idles around 24°-26°, I can't remember ever having it over 70° and Intel says max temp for it is 105° so no problems there.
  4. I'm not sure I can describe it without getting into trouble lol... Erm, basically Randy Marsh getting violently probed on an alien ship :p On the censored version you get a screen come up saying it's been censored and it vaguely describes what's happening haha.
  5. Which i7 did you have? The one in mine is a 4770K so it's gonna be a while till it needs upgrading :D

    Oh indeed, you're gonna notice a pretty hefty increase in performance! When you click something and it appears instantly, and when you open a game and the loading screen takes 1/3 of the time it used to... It'll put a smile on your face :)
  6. SynGamer said:
    Jord said:
    I'm currently playing South Park:Stick of Truth.

    For anyone who enjoy South park I'd highly recommend it, it's basically like playing a really long episode of South Park, it's really nicely done. I haven't personally encountered any performance issues with it on PC.

    That's on my list of games to play. $65 in Canada for a single player only game is a bit rough on the budget. Waiting for the first sale.
    It's a fantastic game, but deffo wait for a sale bud. It's £39.99 here currently but I'd say it'd be better priced around £20-£25. Still, it's hilarious and for a game based on a TV show it's done incredibly well! Would you get the uncensored version in Canada?
  7. Its to do with the spam filter, once we've cleared one of your posts you should be ok and it wont happen again but sometimes it just decides you're spamming - this normally happens with a post that contains a lot of quotes.

    If you do have it happen though don't try re-posting just leave it and let one of us know.
    Yeah sorry about that. I didn't see the little notification in the bottom left first time so I assumed it just didn't post, hence why I posted again.
    I did the same thing :p
  8. That's with the game loading from my 1TB HDD bud :p I think the boost for me comes from the i7, putting that in massively increased how games perform. Like I couldn't max AC4 with the 770 and OC'd FX8320, but with the 770 and i7 both at stock it max's no problem :)
  9. I do indeed :)
    that might also explain why I was able to run TR at max on mine then whereas you couldn't as I've got the 4 gig version not the 2 gig one as the 770's come in 2 versions and perhaps the extra memory helped too It is more expensive but worth it
    I can play TR at max on mine :p With full tessellation and TressFX too. It was my GTX 660 that couldn't play it maxed out.

    Honestly, I haven't missed the extra 2GB, every game I've thrown at it has gone maxed out/ultra with most being at or above 60 FPS :)
  10. Is there any real performance difference from a GTX 770 to another similarly priced or similarly performing high end AMD card?
    Sure is. I looked at the AMD alternatives, but in the £230-£240 price range it was just the best card overall for gaming.

    These are the other 2 I looked at compared to the GTX 770 that I bought:

    XFX Radeon 7970 vs Palit GTX 770 OC

    MSI Radeon R9 280X vs Palit GTX 770 OC
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