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  1. Wow really? I'm fairly sure I still pay 60p. My last purchase was a £1.30 day parking ticket for uni. You live in the North, Chris. Everything is cheaper up there :p I'm shocked that Greggs charge 20p extra to eat a sausage roll in the shop. It's like those toilets where you have to pay 20p to use them. Except in those situations I don't mind paying that 20p because I feel sorry for the cleaners who go home smelling of poo and bleach at the end of each day :'(
  2. So I signed in, spawned in my garage, and 5 seconds later I was set on fire and died lol. I just quit after that, pointless to do anything when hackers ruin the game.
  3. Once the ludicrous, and frankly disastrous, price increase of this institutionally British delicacy (which we most certainly did not steal from the French) over these last 3 years has been thoroughly established, I suggest we petition the government to decrease the cost to pre-War levels. After all, the pastry supplier in question supplies the British public with 140 million of these fine rouleau de saucisse per year, and could quite afford to bring them more in line with a working class members salary. What say you, your Royal Highness of Moderator?
  4. Ok, how about we ask for a detailed review of each purchase as well in that case? I'd like to know how the cane molasses and barley malt extract impact the essential character and turbulant viscosity of the 338ml Mars Milk McStanley consumed on Day 126, the year of our Lord 2018, (May 7th). Also coincidentally the 218th anniversary of the death of Italian composer Niccolò Piccinni, who brought us loved number 1 hits such as il cavaliere per amore.
  5. Maybe we should make this thread 'What was your last purchase over £30' ? ;)
  6. Contact Rockstar support and tell em what happened dude. They might be able to track your session and figure out who did it. They should also be able to remove the cages if they stay there everytime you login lol. How do you get over a million from logging in each day?
  7. I've gotten pretty good at ignoring him when I'm driving lol. He picked me up to go see Infinity War the other night, and there was numerous times I thought we were going to crash :| I don't think there was any point where he did the speed limits.
  8. WOW! That millage is amazing! Is it a Diesel? No it's a 3 cylinder petrol. It's actually pretty bad for most European cars of today, cars around that size now will do mid 50s easily. You say that, yet the 3 cylinder petrol engine in mine gets me an average of 45.6. Although it does have a little turbo, and I like to accelerate hard so I can hear it :p When I'm on the motorway cruising at 70 in 6th gear though, I'm getting 80+mpg which is pretty cool.
  9. Newest Ford Fiesta. Seen here in it's natural habitat, the car park at work.
  10. I don't get why everybody freaks out for Drive. I thought it was boring and overrated ;) Fury Road though was a masterpiece.
  11. Infinity War last night, and finished off season 2 of The Crown tonight. For all you Marvel fans, it's more or less what you'd want from an Avengers movie. Some funny moments, some good fight and battle scenes. But I think the first 3/4's were a fair bit better than the last 1/4th.
  12. So it turns out my work didn't buy me a Lenovo X1 Tablet. They bought that for 3 of the guys in my office... They bought me a Microsoft Surface Pro :D It's a fair bit better than the Lenovo! They also bought us all 24" monitors to go with our new devices :)
  13. I found a screenshot of the character you played ;)
  14. So because I don't know a damn thing about HDR really, does a video have to have the ability to be HDR, or is it just something the screen does for any video? And if the video needs to have it, is there stuff on Netflix and Prime video with it? I actually was gonna go for the standard S8 originally cos I figured it was a big jump in screen size from my XZ. It wasn't until I went in to Carphone Warehouse and actually held both that I knew it had to be the Plus :p But it doesn't feel massive, does it? It's kinda the right size, not too big and not too small. Haha, figures you'd go for red and
  15. Yup, same screen on my S8 Plus ;) The detail and sharpness of it is really something else right? And yep, the Edge lighting looks really cool. Did you set yours to red? I've got mine set so that it takes the colour from whatever app is notifying. Thought you didn't care about the animated emoji's ;)
  16. You guys heard the new Formula 1 theme that Liberty commisioned? It's horrific. It's like the Avengers and Pirates of the Carribean themes mixed together, but much worse than either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HaUZ-MWppQ
  17. And technically it doesn't count as a purchase by myself, but my work is buying me one of these and I get it on April 9th :)
  18. It's getting deeper :p 7 inches at the back door now and it's still coming down heavily here, how about there? Gonna be interesting to see how deep it is in the morning. My cats won't even go out in it dude, I've had to set up their old cat litter tray (the poo smell is so bad). I chucked one out the back door earlier and he came running back in and did this on the tile kitchen floor :)
  19. I just stuck a tape measure into the snow at my back door, and it's 4 and a half inches deep :) So awesome lol, we never get snow like this down south!
  20. Not snowed in yet for me, but I did leave work at 1pm today to try and avoid the worst of it. Luckily my commute only has 1 uphill part and it's gradual so no problem :p Probably no work tomorrow either with how bad it's set to be overnight. I'll have only worked a day and a half this week after having Monday and Tuesday on leave!
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5403557/Earthquake-hits-South-Wales-4-9-Richter-scale.html Felt this whilst I was sat at my desk earlier. It kinda felt like my chair shook and moved slightly, a little like when you go over a small wave in a boat, and then I noticed some of the stuff on my desk was rocking back and forth. I had no idea what to think of it until I just saw there'd been an earthquake in Wales lol.
  22. I went a week without shaving once (forgot my razor when I went back to my student accommodation last year). It was the itchiest week of my life, but it grows a bit faster now. There's a length gap where there's no itching. Like DK808 said, first couple of weeks and after that it'll stop. You'd be able to grow it to about 3/4 of an inch with no itching. Go past that though and it weirdly starts to itch again for a while :p Something else I've found is once you've been through the full itching phase, if you shave it back down to stubble length and grow it again, the itching phase gets easi
  23. I can see where you are coming from. It would be too easy for Verstappen to bribe the kids to mess with Riccardo's and the Ferrari cars. (joke) :D I was expecting that to be a Verstappen too easy to get mistaken for one of the kids joke ;)
  24. Have you played Resident Evil 7, Luke? If you liked EW2, then Resi 7 will blow you away :p
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