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  1. Told you you'd like it :p                                                 
  2. Anybody else watching the Autosport Awards tonight?
  3. It would be if I wasn’t buying a new car in a few weeks, seeing so many deals is killing me when I shouldn’t be spending any money, It would be if I hadn't just bought a new car :p Though the deals aren't really killing me, not seen anything I've really wanted in normal sales or game sales.
  4. It's just so backwards! Like it costs them more to produce the box, the sleeve, and the disc, than it does to send a frigging code by e-mail or whatever. Yet the more expensive to produce product is priced cheaper... I've Tweeted Ubisoft twice about it now, and no reply. It's pathetic. PC gamers spend more on their hardware overall, and yet we're now getting stuck with some games being priced higher than the consoles. They might as well have not bothered putting the game on PC if they won't treat that platform the same as they treat the others. Christ, 3 types of malware then. I wouldn't mind
  5. Has anybody been playing the new Assassin's Creed game? I'm looking at maybe picking it up cos I've got Amazon vouchers so it wouldn't cost me anything. The reviews look good, and most comments on YouTube are people saying it 's really good, but I've not enjoyed an AC game since Black Flag. I am a bit pissed at Ubisoft though. On their store, -you can buy the PC download version of the Gold Edition for £62.24, and that includes the season pass. But if you click on either the PS4 or X1 version, it's £49.69, and that's a physical edition which comes in a box... How in the hell does that make an
  6. Only in pictures ;) It actually looks really good when you're standing in front of a real one lol. Also the dashboard and instruments are a huge improvement over the previous generation. I do like the looks of the 08-17 one on the outside a bit more, but the interior is just so much higher end in the new model :)
  7. Fixed He does it every weekend aha, i'm not a big fan tbh but the luck he has on a bike is unparalleled. And fixed again ;)
  8. Figured it probably was. I only put "exciting" in quotation marks cos that's what the motorpsort sites were saying about it :p
  9. I've pretty much stopped watching MotoGP now. I just look at the results after the race and if Marquez has won I don't watch the race, no matter how "exciting" it was. Used to be that MotoGP was far more exciting than F1, but not for me anymore.
  10. Still looks like a tablet to me :p          
  11. Yeah I've seen the Switch version of Doom it actually looks pretty good considering it's a small portable console *Hybrid ;) *Tablet ;) Tablet doesn’t have physical controls  and easily dock to play on TV, or good games ;) *Tablet that you attach controllers to ;)
  12. Yeah I've seen the Switch version of Doom it actually looks pretty good considering it's a small portable console *Hybrid ;) *Tablet ;)
  13. So this is the link for the config of car I'm getting now :) www.ford.co.uk/s/xNC4
  14. Holy fucking shit, they just rang me to say the car I chose has actually been sold. So they're getting me one with the satnav and a bigger dashscreen included and not upping the price! So happy! :D
  15. I actually went with the intention of getting a 2015 model in black and white (pic below) cos they had one there that was a decent price. But with the scrappage scheme I got £2000 for my current car, and that put the monthly payments for a brand new 2017 model really close to the 2015. And I'd rather have a brand new one with a touchscreen than an older one without :)
  16. I'm dancing a little bit right now. Deposit put down, finance approved, I pick it up on the 13th :) Pics below aren't the exact car, but it's the same colour and the same alloys, and the same interior so good enough!
  17. Happy birthday @Hughesy ! You're having a shitty day, and I'm a shitty baker, so here's a shitty cake :)
  18. That was his comeuppance for ramming Moffat in race 2 :D It's not always great to see a championship ended that way, but when somebody is a whiny sneak it doesn't make me that sad.
  19. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. It was definitely worse, but it seems like people think Turkington is the cleanest driver on track when he's actually very good at making dirty moves look clean. He won't get the penalty he deserves. Starting 10th with Sutton in 12th. Full ballast for Turkington and no ballast for Sutton. Edit: £500 fine and 3 points on his licence. Pathetic.
  21. He won't get a penalty, Turkington never bloody does. Thanks Murray though, I was hoping he'd put Turkington back to 10th with full ballast. Now we just need some slightly soggy conditions.
  22. So that'll be a penalty for Simpson then? For holding his line when Turkington oversteered into him. WSR will surely lobby the stewards that Simpson's car should have been 2 feet further to the right so that Turkington wouldn't have lost places.
  23. If I could do that now I’d be happy :joy:  :s Yea, seriously, that guy can move faster than you! ;)
  24. Looks like the camera man decided to focus on @Hughesy rather than the birthday boy himself :p
  25. Think that might have been our best trip yet right? I'm still unhappy about Sutton's punishment for the race 2 move though, and even more so now after having seen the footage of it. So glad Turkington crashed in race 3 :D The looks we got for cheering that were worth it!
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