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  1. They can say it's the iPhone 10 all they want, I'm still gonna call it the iPhone X.
  2. Sounds like CM need to work on when the AI cars change parts. I too had something like 7 AI cars that changed parts and got penalties too at Monaco. I qualified 7th but ended up starting 4th.
  3. Went to see the remake of It after work, and it was brilliant. Well worth the trip to the cinema. Anybody else seen it, or going to see it?
  4. Peak performance, with all of those system tray programs? Yeeeeaaaaaaa... :p This is where I am at the moment.
  5. I've had that happen before, but I think it was on F1 2015 lol. I had a problem where my engine sound wasn't audible at the start of the Sochi career race. After doing a mid-session save and coming back in it went back to normal. Before that though I could only hear the turbo and the MGU's, no actual engine lol.
  6. Dude, picture lol. That sounds ridiculous :D
  7. I'm with Hughesy on this one, I think Monaco is actually easier on 2017 too. It's way easier to throw the car through the corners and not worry about sliding into the barriers. Time to go up to 95 difficulty, finished 5th at Bahrain after a race long battle with the Red Bulls. Btw, has anybody else noticed that Hamilton is not as good as Bottas, Raikkonen or Vettel in career mode?
  8. Monaco is awesome :p It was great in 2016, but even better now in 2017 lol. I've been doing more quick races there than anywhere else. I've upped my difficulty to 92 now after finishing 4th in a Renault at China. And if I finish top 5 in Bahrain it'll go up to 95.
  9. @RevolvingPrawn Is good at CVs. Thanks :p 5 years of working with careers advisors definitely rubbed off though, and my last CV was pretty awesome lol. I redid my mums too earlier this year and the next job she submitted it to is the one she's at now ;) What do you wanna know Chris?
  10. Fuck. Looks like Rossi's chances in the championship are over early this season. Apparently he's broken his leg... https://www.motorsport.com/motogp/news/rossi-hospitalised-after-motocross-crash-947520/ God I hope that Dovi or Vinales win it now, anything other than another Marquez championship.
  11. Also played the beta, and it was fantastic. 90fps solid for me with SLI working better than the vast majority of games that "support" it. The coolest thing for me was instinctively knowing the controls without having to look at the option screen. Every button I pressed did exactly what I was expecting, even down to holding RB and LB for the badass supercharged mode. Really wish they'd released it at the same time as consoles too, but if it gets even more polished than it already is over the next 2 months I'll be happy enough to wait!
  12. It makes qualifying pointless entirely. I was doing quali for Australia, currently sitting in 7th and crossed the line to start my last lap with around 10 second until the flag dropped. There was no cars behind me on the mini-map, so once I finished my lap no other cars should be able to improve their times. I was still 7th coming out of the final corner, and was 2 tenths up on my previous best, crossed the line and finished... 15th. Raikkonen on pole had gained 0.6 between me leaving the garage and finishing my fast lap, and Hulkenberg my team mate had gained 0.7. How is this possible when
  13. I'm currently on 90, but getting annoyed at how the AI are half a second too fast in practice and quali (due to the game pulling times out of it's ass it seems), and then half a second too slow in the race.
  14. Could be the colour yea. So for yours I get the red, being your favourite colour, but how come the yellow and the blue? It kinda reminds me of a Montoya helmet though which is cool :) That Renault is deffo a gorgeous one. It'll be better once someone is able to mod the Michelin logo onto the tyres though, makes it look strange having bare tyres.
  15. It looks very different :p My helmet on that preview looks much greyer than it does in the car. While you're in the instant replay mode press whatever button you use on your wheel for pause/start. The game also supports Nvidia Ansel ;) Bonus pic from before I picked my current helmet.
  16. @Hughesy So no pic of your helmet in the car? Those ones in the menu never look quite the same as the actual helmet in the car :p Go into the instant replay and use photo mode to get a good shot. You can zoom in using the field of view camera option :) @sjsharp2010 What are you using for uploading? Just chuck it on Imgur and then link it here, easier than any other host.
  17. Whip out your helmets then lads, lets see what you're playing with ;)
  18. Try the 88 McLaren around Monaco, ridiculous amounts of fun :)
  19. No work for me until Tuesday either, I booked tomorrow off specifically to play F1 2017 lol.
  20. Reminds me of the Lightpack I have strapped to the back of my monitor. The original software the devs made doesn't work with games (is amazing for movies), but there's another bit of software that works perfectly for gaming. When you go over red and white kerbs on one of the F1 games it's amazing to see the lights projecting onto the wall behind the monitor flash red and white in time with how fast you go over them on screen :) Not my video, but the video I did put up on YouTube is 3 years old and this one shows way better just how amazing a difference it makes! https://www.youtube.com/watc
  21. Haha, tell you what though, I'll be giving you less next year as by then you'll have a VW that doesn't have dodgy emissions software in it ;) He might do, but I wouldn't be sure. I told him a few weeks back that I wanted to go climb a hill to see an old WWII fort at the top of it. He rang me yesterday morning and asked if I was up for going to do it. I'd just eaten a bunch of sweets though and was feeling lazy so I said no lol.
  22. I'll have to give you more petrol money than I normally would this year then lol. It'll probs be closer to the end of the month when I get mine, and I'm still not sure if Martin wants to come to BTCC with us or F1 next year if we do go for that. I'll find out though.
  23. The trouble with exercise is that it's just as boring as seminars! @Hughesy By the time we go to Silverstone I'll have put on the weight you've lost :p The trouble with my new job is I have way more spare cash for buying stuff like Pop Tarts, Pringles and Irn Bru, and I sit at a desk all day lol.
  24. So out of three seasons of Formula E, two of the champions are cheating assholes. Pretty rubbish end to the season. At least JEV won I guess.
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