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  1. Oh. Well, De Grassi is not exactly a nice fellow either. So one is a shithead on the track, the other one is a shithead off the track. Wish someone likeable would challenge for that title for a change. We need Sam Bird to up his game! And Vergne too.
  2. I'm gonna be sour and say I hope that Di Grassi's gets taken out in turn 1 by Prost. The cheating bumhole is only gonna win this because Buemi had to skip 2 races. The second best driver will be champion without Prost's intervention! And yea Buemi completely lost it yesterday, but it was fucking hilarious to watch :p
  3. I wonder if Eddie Jordan has any French roots.
  4. How many times do I have to spell it out AMS? You don't consider the races during Hamilton's title years as exciting, because you don't like Hamilton. I disagree, as do other Hamilton fans. I find the races during the Vettel years less exciting, you disagree as do other Vettel fans. You can't look at it objectively, you can't just say "oh if it wasn't for the title", and you can't say Red Bull didn't dominate when they won the championships 4 years in a row. I'm done because we'll never agree and I can't be arsed to just repeat myself over and over. Is that better than a meme? I'm not pisse
  6. Here's the catch, you can't speak as a neutral no matter how hard you try, cos you support the driver who won in 2012! I can't either, cos I support the driver who won in 2008. You'll always favour the races your favourite driver won, whether or not you say you're being neutral. Like I'm guessing you don't consider Canada 2011 to be probably the best race of the last 20-30 years, mainly because Vettel stuffed it and didn't win.
  7. To you. A Vettel fan. As a Hamilton fan watching him try to win his first WDC, it was a very exciting race. I thought we'd figured this out already?
  8. Here we go again...                                                                            
  9. The hedge cutter sounds like the preferable one of the two.
  10. Here's mine. Mercedes | Hamilton / Bottas Ferrari | Vettel / Grosjean Red Bull | Ricciardo / Verstappen Force India | Ocon / Perez Williams | Massa / Stroll Haas | Leclerc / Magnussen Renault | Hulkenberg / Kubica Toro Rosso | Kvyat / Sainz McLaren | Alonso / Vandoorne Sauber | Ericsson / Wehrlein I can see Grosjean going to Ferrari over Perez, mainly because in Canada he wouldn't play the team game, and after Baku just straight up blaming his teammate (even though he's mostly right) rather than moving on and forgetting about it. It's almost like his ego has inflated a bit this season, and I
  11. Apparently this is the Shield cockpit protection. Pretty much just Red Bull's aeroscreen but going down the nose further. Gonna be tested next weekend at Silverstone, by Ferrari. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/f1-fia-test-shield-silverstone-practice-927240/
  12. I don't think we're really gonna lose it bud. I think they're doing this because they want to renegotiate their contract with the news owners, because they know they won't be squeezed for money in the same way they would be by Bernie.
  13. Coulthard and Steve Jones are on The Crystal Maze :D
  14. Do the right thing and let your new neighbour know what he's really like :p Otherwise he'll think he's nice for sending the welcome card, and we can't have that lol.
  15. Today is the day where English men look toward their convicts... And crack out the BBQ ;)
  16. There is DLC in the works I think though as someone on BSN asked them and they said they can' t talk about it yet which seems a good indicator to me that there is some on the way it's just a matter of what and when. But yeah Quarian Ark is heavily hinted as a DLC. The Benefactor also and of course Ryder's mother as well would be nice to see if we manage to find a cure for her illness so she can be brought out of stasis. Might make for a good DLC in itself that having the 2 Ryder twins Scott and Sara team up on a mission to find a cure for Mum kind of like what they did on the final m
  17. Is it one of those trials though where you have to remember to cancel it before the end? :p
  18. Chase Carey says 'ya know' way too much. I think he's said it at least 80+ times in this press conference. It's even worse than Johnny Herbert's Sort Of.
  19. Hate to be the downer, but just because they've recorded lines it doesn't mean any DLC will happen. The guy who voiced Franklin in GTA V tweeted about 8 months after the game came out that he was back in the studio recording lines again, but nothing ever came of it.
  20. Too much Apple there to read lol :p To echo you a bit though Matt, I won't be switching to an iPhone any time soon, that's for certain. I love my Sony XZ, and loved the Z3 before it too so I'll be staying on Android for my phones. And I sure as shit won't be even looking at any kind of laptop or desktop from Apple, they're way too closed off for my taste. But when it comes to tablets they do nail it. I've been looking to replace my Nexus 9 for a while because for a tablet which has some pretty damn good specs it was always much slower than it really should have been. It was a pretty disappo
  21. So, I told @Hughesy I wasn't gonna tell anybody, but I've turned to the Dark Side today... I got rid of my Nexus 9 and bought a 64GB iPad Air 2 :D And so far, zero regrets. So far it's better than the Nexus 9 in every way. Never thought I'd be typing that lol.
  22. Sell your PS4 and put the money towards a glorious new monitor ;) Hasn't anyone told you that PS4 potato race sucks ;) The pro has upscaled from 1080p, 4k 'support' with a tb hdd, which is super slow compared to an SSD. I'd love to get a curved gaming monitor myself tho. FTFY ;)
  23. Sell your PS4 and put the money towards a glorious new monitor ;)
  24. Same dude, I've been eyeing that car up for the last few days and there's nothing that comes close in terms of spec for the price from any other manufacturer. Just made sense to go for it :) Haha, that'll be perfect timing on getting yours then :p I'm looking forward to when it gets cold so I can try out all the heated stuff. And for those who don't know, Martin is my best friend and I'm definitely gonna be putting the passenger seat heater on when he gets in :D
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