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  1. Expecting Ketomaa Yes, thats why i put hope, because Ketomaa would be a really bad choice, not the speed of any young gun and any future in it I would prefer to see Tidemand or Lappi instead of Ketomaa! 
  2. So in 2017 we will have VW, Citroen, Hyundai, M-Sport and Toyota!!? That is great news :smiley:  Shame though we have to miss citroen for 2016... Or could there be a possibility that they will start as a privateer team next season?
  3. Audi in the WRC will not happen with both VW and Skoda of the Volkswagen Group allready into rallying and Audi competing in WEC and DTM  ;) 
  4. I wonder how quick the new I20 will be. It would be good for the 2016 season to see other manufacturers winning stages a little more often.  What will hapen with the 'old' I20's, are they available for pritvateers? 
  5. The rumour about Bertelli is him stopping his own team and helping a possible M-Sport B Team instead. I'm not really impressed by Bertelli's pace, but if Kubica join them it could be interesting! 
  6. What is the D-Mack WRT rumour about? Could we see them as a privateer team or is it just a wild guess?
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