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  1. Part ???: The Inevitable Everyone involved in motorsport is afraid of this moment.  That moment where everything feels right, but what feels like a tiny thing going wrong turns into something much...much worse.  I thought I could take the turn quicker by entering the corner sooner, but I only slid outward more.  I hit that pile of snow on the outside of the corner and the next thing I know, I'm flying. It was like time slowed down, perhaps stopped completely.  I couldn't really tell as my mind was blank from what was happening.   I did recall one thing in this moment though.  The instinct of a race driver.  Information that's pounded into your head from the racing school or fellow drivers or wherever you learn new things from.  Let go of the wheel.  It could spin violently and break your arms if you try to hold onto it.  Also cross your arms.  Keep your flailing in the cockpit to a minimum for what could be a worst case scenario.  This situation was certainly looking like one.   Lastly...there's only one thing you can do from here.  Wait.  Wait for the embrace of the ground below.  The dark, shadowy figure carrying a scythe might come knocking on your mangled car door when this is over.  Remember to tell him "Maybe another time," because you have a race to win when this is over. Finally...the impact.  The frame of the car will make a sound that you'll never forget.  The glass of the windows flies in shards.  Everything becomes a blur as the car rolls violently across the unforgiving ground.  All you can really do is hope you don't hit a tree.  Those trees are brutal.  We cut them down all of the time.  They'll end you. I'm still here, so apparently I didn't hit a tree.  The car's finally coming to a rest.  I can hear my heart pounding away.  My breathing frantic.  I don't know how my co-driver is doing.  I haven't looked over at him yet. As I'm regaining my composure hanging upside down, I hear my co-driver's voice.  He says to me "I shouldn't have eaten so much before this race." After this life threatening crash, I realize that I have something important to tell my co-driver.  I say to him, "Screw you." Sorry, I've been busy blazing through the game to make any actual updates.  There'll be a lot of skipping around in my updates because I realize that not much happens to me as a driver from race to race in the DiRT Tour.  I'll make updates just for the events that I really liked.  Expect a video update soon.
  2. You're right...what made me say that was because I did a Trailblazer in Norway after I did the rallycross event in Aspen.  Let me just fix that...  :v Glad you're enjoying the thread!  That's the kind of reaction I'm hoping for.  :)
  3. Three updates within 24 hours?!  Blasphemy!  I'm just wide awake at 3 AM for no discernible reason, so bam.  Update.  Let's go snow racing. Part 3: The Evo in Aspen Beautiful.  Aspen is a beautiful place.  We have to race on it eventually though, don't we?  Right now, to be exact. This is a rallycross event, where the pack is much more tightly knit.  This is a traditional race.  You finish ahead of everyone, you win.  That simple.  When everyone's kicking up dirt or snow in your face, it can be a bit of a different story.  It's hard to see.  You'll have to rely on following the person in front of you until you can find an opportunity to pass. Let's use the jump as an opportunity to pass some people!  Fantastic. I made it through most of the pack already, eventually managing 1st place going into lap 2.  This Aspen course is a pretty easy going track with a few little goodies packed in to keep you aware.  Like the last corner, which is a tight hairpin that opens up near the end. I come screaming into one of the bigger corners of the course on lap 2.  There's a slight problem though... I oversteered going into the corner and have sent the car into a fishtail that's a little more than I'd wish for in this situation.  It doesn't look like much in this screenshot, but at the speed I entered the corner, it'll only get much worse.  What should I do?  I'm about to show you. First order of business is to lay off of the throttle.  This is going to start slowing you down so you don't find yourself hitting the outside wall.  Next, countersteer.  Countersteer hard, but not too hard.  You won't need to hand over hand for this.  The next thing you need is high revs.  I can't get high enough revs in 4th gear at this speed, so I had to downshift to 3rd before attempting this Next, pump the throttle.  Lay on it hard, back off of it for a split second, then lay on it hard again.  This car is four wheel drive, so when the throttle is being applied in this situation, the front wheels suddenly spinning more will cause the car to violently throw itself in the opposite direction.  Because of that, you want to start slowly moving the steering wheel back into the neutral position.  Observe the difference in my countersteering between the two pictures. And just like I expected, the car makes a violent shift of direction.  The instant I feel the car do this, I significantly decrease my countersteering, almost returning to neutral as the car straightens out in the direction I want it to go.  Once it's straight, we're back in business, full speed ahead! Just like that, I saved myself from what could have been a nasty situation.  The race continues onward with me still in first and not a scratch on the car. On the final corner of the final lap, it happens again, but even stronger than last time.  This can either become tragic or triumphant.  I'm a pretty optimistic person, so watch this! At this angle, it's best to keep off of the throttle a little more.  Just let the car carry its momentum for a second and "calm down" per se.  I'll downshift to 2nd gear and start applying the throttle. Here comes the shift of direction I'm looking for.  I straighten the wheel out and... Phew, I make this look easy.  That was a great save.  Let's finish this race off! There you have it.  A nice clean rallycross race.  Not without some tough moments, but that's alright.  I'm going to be honest, I forget flashbacks exist in this game.  I think it's better off that way, though.  After all, real life doesn't have flashbacks. Coming up next...  A little preview of what's to come much later in the DiRT Tour.
  4. Okay, in this update, we'll be getting frisky with concrete and fences.  Here we go!  Part 2: The First Head to Head.  Peugeot 207 at Smelter, Dredger.I skipped a fair bit in the first cup because it's fairly easy stuff and nothing to write home about.  This head to head was an interesting matter though... Right off of the bat, I felt like something was strange.  The first corner was deceptively tight.  I shrugged it off and figured I would be prepared for it the next time around. As it turns out, Smelter is tighter than it looks.  Not just the first corner, but the entire track is tight.  It's hard to rely on senses in this course because your perspective of the course will trick you into thinking certain corners are wider than they actually are.  I threw myself into the S curve with the elongated second half... ...Completely unaware that I'd become quite acquainted with the outside wall.  Hello, there.  Did you enjoy the loving touch?  I like that wall.  Nice chap.  I think it broke my window though. There's a downhill curve that goes under the bridge of the course.  This curve will throw you off due to the slight loss of traction you'll feel starting down the hill.  As you can see here, I'm starting to go off camera.  Goodbye, everyone! Hi, I'm back again.  We're okay!  I had to correct myself by letting off of the throttle and oversteering to force myself back onto the proper racing line.  That cost me some time, but not as much as hitting the wall would have. On this part of the course, we see another mildly tight turn and we go past our opponent.  I wanted my co-driver to stick his head out the window and call my opponent bad names.  He wouldn't do it... Here we see one of the last major corners on this course.  I entered it pretty nicely, thinking to myself "Hey, I got this corner nailed perfectly!" I was wrong about that.  Again, entered the corner too quickly which sent me too wide and killed me, time wise.  Despite all of these mistakes, I still managed to win against my opponent.  I'm not sure what he was doing... Round 2.  It's wet now and I've gotten better with the course.  Look, I'm being gentle with that wall after the S curve.  Hi, buddy. Overall, round 2 has been running MUCH better for me.  I understand the track more and I'm nailing the curves like I wanted to in the first round.  There's just one more corner that killed me last round which I have to tackle again... This corner.  I entered it with about the same speed as last time because I'm stupid and don't learn from my mistakes...or do I?  The reason I cut this corner tighter is to keep me closer to the inside when I slide through the second half of it. The result is exactly what I wanted.  I came out of the corner without touching anything and my exiting position is near perfect.  Job well done. I'm content with this time for now, but I feel a need to become much better at this course.  I'll definitely have to revisit it in a video update or something. Next update, we're going to Aspen for a nice welcome change of climate. Bonus: Power Station Recreation Oh my gooooooood!!! Phew...nevermind.  False alarm.
  5. In an upcoming update, I'll be previewing one of the fastest disciplines in the rally world.  The trailblazers.  I'll be doing it with a team that I've been loyal to for many years.  Keep an eye on the thread!
  6. Alright, we're back on track.  I love it when people comment on the thread.  I highly encourage discussion because it makes things more lively.  Without further delay: Part 1: A Kadett in Kenya Starting off in the DiRT Tour, they give me S2000 class vehicles.  When I think of S2000, I think of one of Honda's finest pieces of work.  Not a bloody Fiat.  Due to a lack of anything interesting going on in the S2000 class and the fact I want to mix courses up early on, we're skipping this, screenshot wise and going straight to some goodies. This car is completely new to me.  I had no idea it existed because I don't know much about Opels aside from their 90s and 2000s touring car history.  The car is front engine, rear wheel drive though.  My favorite drivetrain layout!  We're taking a nice run along Kenya, which is a bit more narrow and twisty than Finland, but that's why I like it. Touge is my favorite racing discipline, so rally almost becomes a second nature to me, due to the demanding reactions and instincts of touge racing.  Kenya is a course that makes me feel...at home.  Especially when I'm behind the wheel of a 950 kilogram rear wheel drive car that is too old to have the luxurious driving assists we have today.  I'm not even sure this thing has ABS, but I doubt it, so I turned it off in the settings. When driving without ABS, you have to handle braking differently.  You can't mindlessly jam the brake pedal into the floor anymore.  You do that, your wheels lock up, your tires screech and burn away, and essentially you waste your time and tires.  Without ABS, you have to brake in bursts.  Doing this helps you keep your grip as you slow down and in some cases, you'll slow down quicker than you would with ABS. As for Kenya, oh man I love it.  This course was a blast.  It's a step up from Finland, so beginners might need a little practice on it, but it's worth it.   The second stage of the Safari Historic, Mwanda, is even more fun.  I'd visit Kenya to enjoy these roads.  Mwanda is a bit more fast paced with a few little tricks thrown in, as you'll see in just a bit. In Mwanda, it can be easy to perform what's called an inertia drift.  Inertia drifts are when the forward momentum of the car is used to engage a drift, rather than weight transfer, handbraking, or clutch kicking.  With such a lightweight rear wheel drive car, inertia drifts can be common.  Just be aware of them and know how to control them.  You'll be fine and have a ton of fun. Hey, look ahead of us!  We have a friend.  Let's go get him!  I love a good game of chasing.  The feel when you make the overtake is so satisfying. We'll just make our way around here and go after him! Yeah, we're catching him pretty quick.  We've got him in another turn or so.   Peekaboo!  Working around cars in races can take some getting used to.  You need to have an idea of where they want to go and then work your way around them.  Having a good means of adapting is key. I'd love to chat, but I have a time to keep up.  See ya!  Well that was interesting.  I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of that throughout my time in DiRT 3. Near the end of Mwanda, there's a series of jumps that happen over a slight curve.  This can either be an easy time or it can be a hard time.  For me, who hit the first jump at an angle, it was a hard time.  The car got really wobbly after the second jump and I had to really fuss with it to keep it straight.  I was waggling the wheel left and right like some kind of mad man from an old cartoon. That technique seemed to work out just fine though.  I stabilized going into the turn and made it out without hitting anything. On the last straight, they put a large barricade of tape to the left side of the course.  The co-driver tells you to keep right.  I'd advise you to do so, unless you're a complete maniac. That's the end of that though.  This series went very well and I'm happy with my final time of 3:36.318 through both stages.  For now, we must say farewell to our new friend, the Opel Kadett. Coming up next, a duel...to the death! (not really)
  7. Bahaha.  Surprisingly, we don't have many Amish in my area.  Gettysburg is pretty with the times.  If you want Amish, you'd have to go to a very specific part of Lancaster which is more to the east. Anyways, sorry for the lack of update.  I'm an insomniac and passed out at about 5 AM.  I'm going to type this sucker up after I finish my lunch.  :)
  8. I have my second update all laid out and ready to post tomorrow morning, but I'm excited to talk about what I have in store.  In a near future update, I'm going to introduce situations that I put myself in by accident on the course and how I personally deal with them to save my butt.  Be prepared to check it out!
  9. Unfortunately I missed out on rally scene.  I wasn't confident enough in my ability on gravel at the time.  STPR sounds like a great time though.  I'll have to check it out, for sure!
  10. Don't worry about it!  I already answered your question in the first update.  :o
  11. The Prologue: Escort at Finland I love the Escort Cosworth.  It's seriously one of my favorite rally cars.  Light, nimble, powerful.  In its time, this car was quite a respectable beast.  Nowadays, it's still quite alright to drive.  I figure before we get to the world tour, we'll take a nice little relaxing drive on the beginner's course.  Get a good feel for things, you know? Finland is a very wide course, but it can be a deceptive course because of how wide it is.  I feel this might be a barrier for the people all too used to arcade racers like Mario Kart.  I use Mario Kart as an example because I assume everyone has played or watched Mario Kart on some level.  It's a really tricky game to avoid. Finland can either be an easy experience or it can be a tough one, depending on whether or not you listen to your co-driver or even know what he/she is saying.  I personally use complex mode for my co-driver for two reasons: 1.) I learned all of the rally co-driver jargon back in my days of TOCA Race Driver 3.  2.) With the complex co-driver, a lot more information gets communicated quicker and rally racing is all about speed, in more ways than one.  Basically, if you understand what they're saying, you'll be better off on the Complex setting compared to the Basic setting. With that bit of information out of the way, Finland is an easy track and a fast one.  It's definitely a fun track to race on for any level of driver.  Running the Cosworth here proved to be a blast. Finland has plenty of fun jumps, too.  Jumps are important in rally.  Well, they are to me, at least.  That's one of the best parts! When Finland starts to feel a bit samey to you, it throws a curve-ball at you and gives you a slightly more complicated section near the end.  If you're not prepared for it, you might be saying hello to the ditch or telephone pole.  I personally almost went off of the course because I threw the Cosworth violently into the section and the weight transfer threw the car off balance to where it was pretty hard to recover.  Everything turned out fine though! That's my basic day one driver overlook of Finland.  As time passes, I'll get into more and more detail with each course, but for now this is your lot. Next update, we start the World Tour.  The career mode of DiRT 3. I do indeed live in the US.  I live in the southern part of Pennsylvania, where it's particularly hard to find some racing activity.  That's another reason why I quit.  Commutes were too long.  :x
  12. As some may know, DiRT 3 went on a wild flash sale on Steam recently.  I snagged that up after some encouragement from the forum and our lovely community manager suggested I make posts on my progress in the game.  I figure while I'm at it, I'll make a Let's Play of the game as we go.  In my case, I'm still learning the game, so I could also call it a Let's Learn because I hate the term "BLIND RUN."  I can see quite clearly, thank you. Anyways, I'm BolverkGTM.  You may know me from Steam or PSN.  I used to be on Need For Speed Most Wanted a lot and I sometimes showed up in touge rooms in Gran Turismo 5.  I don't mingle in online much.  I just like to drive.  I've been into racing games for 20 years and I was an amateur race driver for 1 year before quitting due to it being a hobby too expensive for me (I wasn't in the SCCA, as much as I wished I was).  Are these credentials important?  No, I'm just vain like that. I don't think I have to lay down the basic information of the game since this is the Codemasters forum so most of you know what this game is and what it's about.  This will be a screenshot LP, with some periodical video updates to show my progression as a driver.  This game will be taken on Advanced difficulty.  I like my racing experiences to be raw and immersing.  For that extra bit of immersion, I'll even remove ABS on the older rally cars to make things a little more fun. The basic format of this LP will be screenshot over top of comments.  So it'll go something like I took the second turn too fast and went off of the course because I'm flipping stupid. Something like that, except my comments will probably be longer than that usually.  Then it would be another screenshot and comment, then another, then...you get the idea.  So let's see how this goes.  Expect the first update VERY soon.
  13. BolverkGTM

    DiRT 3 is on Steam Sale. Here's my question:

    Yup!  That cleared the problem right up!  Cheers.  :) So... Where should I post my progress?  I think I'll make a new thread, but it needs a title.  Any thoughts?
  14. BolverkGTM

    DiRT 3 is on Steam Sale. Here's my question:

    I think I might do just that!  I got a question though.  My game has been stuck in windowed mode after the third time booting it and I haven't been able to get it back into full screen.  This isn't really that big of a problem to me because I'm a major multi-tasker, but is there a way to fix that?
  15. BolverkGTM

    DiRT 3 is on Steam Sale. Here's my question:

    So far, I think my 6 dollars was well placed.  I loved the first DiRT and it was one of the first games I got with my PS3.  I played that for a very long time.  DiRT 3 just capitalizes on what I loved about the first game and then some.