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  1. Hey all, as the title says, a very quick/rough comparison of HD vs normal. The video is here: http://youtu.be/6uX9MnG-pgA  (4k res still processing at the time of posting) and you can see the comparison screen about half way down this page (look for the yellow cars): http://www.hardwareheaven.com/2014/06/grid-autosport-video-review-and-4k-gallery/  Summary: Yes the camera angle is a little different but the HD textures do improve the cars. How noticeable will it be at 100MPH? Probably not that noticeable... but improvements are improvements...
  2. If you want some Autosport 4K goodness, we've got you covered: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/2014/06/grid-autosport-video-review-and-4k-gallery/ (apologies if this was already listed but I couldnt see it)
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