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  1. Ferranis

    Dirt Rally 2.0 ... 2.0

    I know its a few months out but .... do we maybe get something special when Dirt Rally 2.0 version 2.0 gets out? Just asking for a friend and to give you a little time to prepare... 😄
  2. Ferranis

    DiRTy Gossip

    I second this, what a great patch! It resolved the last annoying bit I had with the game: The long loading times. From now on I try to beat my 663 hours play time from dr1 ..... over the next years! So please don't break the game in the next patches. 😛 On a more serious note. DR2 really needed that extra year of delopment. Its a shame that such a good game (now) has such bad ratings on steam.
  3. Ferranis

    The DiRT Roadbook

    PJ just to let you know: You are doing a hecking awesome job! So much love going into all this!
  4. Ferranis

    DiRTy Gossip

    Really really good job with the rain graphics guys. I can finally see where I am going in the rain! Thats again one major pain point gone. THis game is getting better patch by patch! 🙂 Just a few bits more and we have the best rally game out there by a mile.
  5. Ferranis

    DiRTy Gossip

    Or wait till they fixed it 🙂 Its surely just a bug with racenet
  6. Ferranis

    DiRTy Gossip

    They only have themselves to blame. The game is far from finished even now. Thats what you get when you release in a subpar status.
  7. Ferranis

    DiRTy Gossip

    Nah mate, if you want to keep the game healthy you keep the resources. Look what we got a few month down the line. Its not much. (The dlc content was for sure already done when the game released, or most of it).
  8. Ferranis

    read and think,,,

    He is not wrong though, seems like 3 people left to work on dr2.
  9. Ferranis

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Great, another post you have to search really, really hard. The community 'management' is top notch.
  10. Ferranis

    Post-release community engagement and support

    Its really kind of strange with the simple things. For example sweden, the very, very first thing you notice is: too bright! Why wasn't this the artists first reaction? Did he never play the game?
  11. Ferranis

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    How do we know they might not adress it? -> Dirt4
  12. Ferranis

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    Strange game, for any amazing fun found there is an equal amount of frustration (racenet, long loading times, night stages ect.). On another note I strongly believe that they would have run after the release like they did with dirt 4 - if it weren't for the dlc plan they sold beforehand.
  13. Ferranis

    Still to many night stages DR 2.0

    The last two are from dirt rally 1 and there everything is fine. The night stages would not be an problem with proper lightning.
  14. Ferranis

    DiRTy Gossip

    Monte is really quite the challenge now! You are afraid of every patch of ice even though the feeling is awesome when hitting it!
  15. Ferranis

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Happend in the Australia Weekly for me. It seems to be related to a longer playtime? It was one of the later stages.