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  1. Since codemasters already does the bad things ea is known for I see no problem here. Sure, we got an amazing game out of it (happens with EA games too), but everything around the game was still scummy (You pay how much for the whole game full price?).
  2. I second this, what a great patch! It resolved the last annoying bit I had with the game: The long loading times. From now on I try to beat my 663 hours play time from dr1 ..... over the next years! So please don't break the game in the next patches. 😛 On a more serious note. DR2 really needed that extra year of delopment. Its a shame that such a good game (now) has such bad ratings on steam.
  3. Really really good job with the rain graphics guys. I can finally see where I am going in the rain! Thats again one major pain point gone. THis game is getting better patch by patch! 🙂 Just a few bits more and we have the best rally game out there by a mile.
  4. Or wait till they fixed it 🙂 Its surely just a bug with racenet
  5. They only have themselves to blame. The game is far from finished even now. Thats what you get when you release in a subpar status.
  6. Nah mate, if you want to keep the game healthy you keep the resources. Look what we got a few month down the line. Its not much. (The dlc content was for sure already done when the game released, or most of it).
  7. Monte is really quite the challenge now! You are afraid of every patch of ice even though the feeling is awesome when hitting it!
  8. Even though it is easy to get lost in the minor negatives - its just like that when you have passion about a thing. I would like to really, really, really thank the whole codemasters team for Dirt Rally 2. You see the passion for rally shine through every inch of the game. The stages are amazing, the cars are amazing and plenty, the physics are believable - you can finally steer the car with the throttle, the presentation is very polished while being without any distractions. Add on top that it will be supportet with additional content and you have the best rally g
  9. Thank you for the videos and your hard work on the game. It really shows! The production value of everything is just amazing and you see so much love in the little details. Its now over 600 hours in DR1 from day one and challenge accepted to beat this with DR2!
  10. Just watching the podcast and on the first couple of corners I am sold. The car does such a smooth drift through the long corners. You never could do that in dirt4 (where the car always tried to straighten up) and even in dirt rally it was never that smooth.
  11. In other news... https://steamcharts.com/app/658700#All V-Rally 4 tanked hard. And we could have gotten WRC 8 :/
  12. He would be the perfect Product Owner.....
  13. I hope sometime in a future we get a insider information what the heck happend during and after the development of Dirt4.
  14. Hmhmhm, played it for a hour. This game definitely has something! Pro: -> The stages are more than awesome -> Graphics are decent -> No handholding, do or die -> Gravel/Engine sounds are good Cons: -> The game seems to always stutter a bit, changed about every setting and couldn't find anything against it. Its not the fps though -> Driving with a wheel seems to take a lot of fiddling in the settings to get a good feeling (haven't found the best settings yet) -> The handbrake is wierd and does only induce very little oversteer -> The driving physics are decent, bu
  15. I must say from the videos this looks really, really promising! And when watching these videos... the stages make the most difference. I really love the generated approach from d4 ... but the handmade stages beat your stage.  Honestly its the same with Dirt Rally and D4. I played DR for 600 hours and only then driving the same stages got repetetive - the d4 ones kinda feel this way now :/ ... After 60 hours or so.
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